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The Glass Box

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Peter Rippon | 12:11 UK time, Wednesday, 11 April 2007

This week we are starting a new feature on PM - and we need your help.

The PM programme logoThe Glass Box will give listeners a regular opportunity to comment, praise and criticise what you hear on the programme, and engage with programme makers and with each other in a public forum. We've already tried it and listeners, producers and editors say they've found it useful. It will be on the PM blog, and is called the Glass Box because every night after the programme we sit in the Glass Box just outside the studio and discuss the programme.

The Glass Box is a place to discuss what worked and what didn't. It's never rude or personal. We use it as a tool to try to make the programme better.


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  • At 11:32 PM on 18 Apr 2007,
  • wrote:

Talk of Blairs "Legacy" annoy us. How about when the public's "legacy" ? : based on what we are left with after so much vanity-posturing we won't be able to be certain for a while.

Blair's sense "of history" has been hidebound buy his Hegelinism — So, no chance of finding any sensible analysis there.

As for LAUGHABLE speeche try this for an example:

"it is a prize of tantalizing significance, and I do believe it is within our grasp."

— What a joke...and what a shame..!

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