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BBC in the news, Thursday

Host Host | 10:19 UK time, Thursday, 15 February 2007

The Independent: Interview with Newsnight’s political editor, Martha Kearney. (link)

Daily Mail: Columnist Richard Kay on the dilemma for Kate Silverton who’s going to be reporting at the Oscars which coincides with a 24-hour BBC strike. (link)

The Guardian: John Tusa on the job facing the new BBC chairman, whoever they may be. (link)


This morning we're packed with slots on 'research' that is 'contradictory'. Oily fish, TV on kids...

Big surprise.

So long as there are 'news' programmes that have time to fill, and better yet with a 'debate' that 'your views are invited', we will continue to get these things carried out, press-released, covered and 'expert'-debated by the unholy alliance of those with a vested interest in keeping 'em coming.

And what, exactly, is the poor viewer (or in this case concerned parent) to make of it: don't pay attention to the thing we brought to your attention in the first place.

Nice one.

Meanwhile, the slot about health gets curtailed by a massive section on one of the presenters choosing her dress for the Oscars, which is apparently very stressful.

Plot. Lost. The.

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