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Audience participation

Paul Royall | 15:29 UK time, Thursday, 8 February 2007

Have you got lots to say about Breakfast? Ever thought we've got it wrong (too many animal stories?!) Or even got it so right you want us to do more on a subject? Well keep reading because here's your chance to become part of one of the first BBC TV News audience panels.

Breakfast logoAt Breakfast we're always looking for ways to engage with our viewers. You've always got lots to say and many of our best stories come straight from one of you sitting at home and then deciding to get in touch.

Some time ago we spotted this potential and set ourselves the challenge of being a programme that really involves our audience. So, for several years we've made the most of your rich and valuable stream of e-mails, text messages and phone calls (and sometimes even this blog). Some are used on air minutes after they arrive in our inbox - a comment on the talking point of the morning. Others provide important feedback that help shape future editorial decisions. Some get turned into reports for Breakfast - for example when we receive a compelling personal story.

So we started thinking about how we could take your involvement to the next level. It quickly became clear that places like Radio One's Newsbeat and Newsline in Northern Ireland had the answer. Both have set up, and are successfully running, audience panels. A dedicated band of listeners and viewers who play a sustained and significant part in the shape, tone and content of the programmes. Basically, it's a more systematic approach to making the most of what you have to say.

So we've embarked on a recruitment drive. We're selecting our own panel, and we're hoping you will give us monthly feedback about what you think of Breakfast. We'll also ask you about stories you would like to see tackled, and what aspects of a subject you would like to see us take on.

We're not quite at the stage of talking ourselves out of jobs - I'm sure there are many of you who wouldn't like the night shifts! But what we recognise is there's so much you can contribute to a programme like Breakfast. We know that all the best ideas don't simply emerge from our office at Television Centre. And we know from our audience research that you like a programme that's really in touch with your concerns and opinions.

So go on - if you want to have your say go to our programme website and find out more. You can start telling us what to do without leaving your living room!


Your story on the 'beer goggles' phenomenon is an absolutely disgraceful piece of shameless PR puffery dressed up as cod-science.


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  • At 01:32 AM on 09 Feb 2007,
  • David wrote:

Riiiiiight. So like the Advisory Boards that the Regions have had for ages? *sigh* I guess if its outside the M25 you have a bit of a blindspot as usual.

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  • At 08:45 AM on 05 Jun 2007,
  • Jackie Griffin wrote:

A country which can produce graphic designers like the late Alan Fletcher and design classics like the London Underground Map, the red telephone box and the Festival of Britain logo should surely be able to come up with something better than the new Olynmpic monstrosity.
I thought almost all the suggestions from viewers on this morning's Breakfast were a considerable improvement on the official version. And a lot cheaper.
If they wanted to attract youth, why not let youth design it? Forty thousand pounds could go a long way towards providing sports equipment for an inner city school.

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  • At 09:01 AM on 20 Jun 2007,
  • Geoff Platt MBE wrote:

I thought a load of rubbish was spoken about divorced fathers on the Breakfast Show today.
It's common sense, most divorced Dad's have to try harder to justify their position following the unfortunate breakdown of a normal family life relationship, for whatever reason.

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  • At 08:56 AM on 17 Dec 2007,
  • Geoff Platt MBE wrote:

I have just watched BBC Breakfast show. I cannot believe how depressing the programme content appeared to be. Come on BBC this is Christmas Week. Let's enter into the spirit of Christmas. What about a few Carols and some interesting Christmas Stories to make us all feel better. I am sure the BBC know how to brigthen us up on an otherwise drab December morning.

Geoff Platt (Newcastle).

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