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BBC in the news, Friday

Host Host | 11:03 UK time, Friday, 8 December 2006

Daily Mirror and others: George Bush and BBC's Nick Robinson clash at White House news conference. (Link)
Independent: BBC gender salary disparity revealed. (Link)
Daily Mail: Lord Puttnam expresses interest in succeeding Michael Grade (Link)
Daily Mail:
Roy Hattersley advises new BBC chairman 'not to underestimate the inclinations of the viewing public'.


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  • At 02:07 PM on 08 Dec 2006,
  • Joe wrote:

I listened on the BBC world service to the White House news conference, I must say that the BBC reporter was unbelievably rude.
What a contrast to the way that the BBC interviews Labour politicians in the UK, if only you treated left-wing politicians in the same rude way !!.
Also could you explain that whenever the Daily Mail has any comments about the BBC you always fail to put a link to the story, whereas if it was a Guardian story you always link to the story?.

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  • At 08:29 AM on 09 Dec 2006,
  • J Westerman wrote:

I fear that present day journalism is attracting more than its fair share of prima donnas. Nick Robinson is one of them. It is only too easy with present day communications for the journalist to be the story instead of the story being reported.

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  • At 09:43 AM on 09 Dec 2006,
  • Marie wrote:

Dear editor
It was excruciating to listen to Lise Doucette interview Kofi Anann (The Interview, BBC World Service). It was not an incisive interview, instead I felt she was trying to catch out and contradict the interviwee. It lacked respect, not even listening to answers and it lacked tact - I listened to it twice as I could not believe it. This was a missed BBC World service opportunity. What a shame.
Yours sincerely,
Marie Ciechanowska

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