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BBC in the news, Wednesday

Host Host | 09:14 UK time, Wednesday, 8 November 2006

The Guardian: A columnist writes about the BBC's bid for a licence fee increase. "In terms of the quality of its output, it is hard to recall a time when the BBC has been creatively stronger." (link)

Daily Mail: Reports that Sir Paul McCartney is in negotiations to do an interview with the BBC. (link)

The Telegraph: "Why can't newsreaders just read the news... when they are not trying to become stars, they are always flirting with each other to demonstrate their mucilaginous on-screen chemistry." (link)


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  • At 05:50 PM on 08 Nov 2006,
  • Seurat wrote:

Blimey! Something in the Telegraph I agree with.

I blame Morecambe and Wise for the gradual erosion of news coverage. ;)

Turning them from people who deliver the news stories to people who believe the are the story has turned the news into a joke. It's becoming a cliche, but The Day Today was a satire not a blueprint.

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  • At 06:47 PM on 08 Nov 2006,
  • J Westerman wrote:

"The News" has become the "The Performance" with a loud and lengthy introduction,a loud and lengthy exit, a large and costly production team and personal opinions and/or opinionated commentators thrown in from time to time.
Within living memory th Beeb did a much better job using one man.

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