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BBC in the news, Wednesday

Host Host | 09:13 UK time, Wednesday, 4 October 2006

The Express: Claims that presenter Fiona Bruce is at the centre of a "barmy BBC row" over a crucifix worn on air. (no link available)

The Guardian: A columnist criticises the amount of coverage given by the BBC to Richard Hammond's accident. (link)


I'm sorry to be off-topic, but I just found this on the BBC News Online site and didn't know where to raise it.

STORYFix Video Podcast (

As the page says, "What on earth is STORYFix?...Editor Mark Barlex says it's 'uniquely difficult to describe."


Is this meant to be amusing? What on earth are you thinking? You do know 'The Day Today' wasn't a training video, don't you?

This is like watching your dad dance at a family do. Watching him fall over, start shouting, get his tackle out, goose your gran...and then get back in his coffin.

Please, make it stop.

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