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BBC in the news, Thursday

Host Host | 10:22 UK time, Thursday, 12 October 2006

Several papers: Director general Mark Thompson may halt the move of some BBC departments to Manchester if the licence fee is not increased. The switchover to digital might also be jeopardised if not properly funded, he warned.

Daily Telegraph: Panorama starts showing secret recordings to FA investigators. (Link)

Daily Telegraph: Sir Clement Freud discusses slang, after Today programme appearance. (Link)

Independent: Nick Robinson is to be interviewed by Michael Howard in a charity event. (Link)

Marketing Week: Freeview plans a PVR in every home.


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  • At 12:23 PM on 12 Oct 2006,
  • Joseph Enterton wrote:

The BBC was NEVER going to move all those departments to Manchester. The idea was put forward as a box-ticking exercise for Charter Renewal. The Corporation was always going to use the excuse of a low licence fee settlement to get itself out of the plans. It's so obvious, it's schoolboy politics.
Did anyone really ever believe that Five Live would move to Manchester a couple of years before the world's biggest sporting event takes London? Of course not. It was a blatant stunt, and one which has cost licence payers millions of pounds in wasted planning, reports, consultations, etc.
Expect to hear over the next few months that "after an extensive review", the BBC has decided not to go ahead with such an extensive relocation to Manchester. There'll be a few face-saving, half-hearted moves; perhaps a couple of Five Live weekend programmes, the odd kids'production, and one or two support departments, just to make it look good.
But a wholesale move to Manchester? No. It was never going to happen - as I've been telling anyone who'll listen since it was first 'announced'. Now Mark Thompson has taken the first step in proving me right.
By the way, does anyone senior ever see fit to respond to posts on this blog? Come on Mark Thompson, or Mark Thomas (alleged 'head' of the Manchester move), let's hear from you.

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  • At 07:16 PM on 12 Oct 2006,
  • Steve Birtenshaw wrote:

This comes as no surprise, we have always said (here in Manchester), the London-centric BBC types would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to anywhere north of Watford.

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  • At 06:25 AM on 13 Oct 2006,
  • Robert wrote:

I take the opposite view... Does anyone seriously believe the move won't happen? The fall-out would be enormous.

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