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BBC in the news, Thursday

Host Host | 09:02 UK time, Thursday, 21 September 2006

Daily Mail (amongst others): Reports on the car crash that has left BBC presenter Richard Hammond fighting for his life. (link)

The Guardian: "The BBC has persuaded John Humphrys to venture abroad professionally for the first time in more than 25 years to host the Today programme from Iraq." (link)


Baghdad is a very dangerous city to be reporting from. But we do need experienced talented journalists who will not mince their words but will give us the unadulterated truth. Of course John Humphry's anti-war stance is well known. This is fantastic for someone of Humphry's calibre should be able to drill some sense into politicians bent upon Iraqi war-games. For peace to stand a chance, Iraqis should be taken out of the vortex of violence. Instead the emphasis should be placed on education, the economy and jobs. If this is not done soon a whole generation of Iraqi children will be doomed to a rudderless future.

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  • At 02:03 PM on 21 Sep 2006,
  • J Westerman wrote:

I do hope that we get a lot of facts and no opinions!

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  • At 04:30 AM on 22 Sep 2006,
  • Jim Smith wrote:

'This is an appropriate moment to castigate the BBC for it's stupidity in sponsoring this type of activity.'

WHAT was that person thinking! What would they rather see in their dull pathetic lives? - tiddiewinkels? I believe there is more freedom in China than there is in the UK! If Top Gear is forcefully brought off the air I swear the person responsible will be getting more than just a pie in their face. I think that supporters of the show should rally together to defend the unbelievably brave 'Hamster' and salute him for all the fantastic down to earth honest joy and fun that he has provided to millions of aspiring people around the world who, thanks to Top Gear, have the ambition to be successful, and maybe one day own a super dreaming and ambition really a crime in the UK now? Unfortunately the 'nanny' state is fast becoming a reality.

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  • At 11:38 PM on 23 Sep 2006,
  • Jenny wrote:

What of the reality of Iraq will Humphrys see whilst there? I suspect this will simply be a poor taste BBC publicity stunt, as indicated by this advance publicity already.

Interesting that The Guardian reminds us that Humphreys was the BBC man in apartheid South Africa.

Might I also mention the implications for global warming of promoting the idea that people need to be out there, when high quality broadcast links are available instantly?

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