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System of a Down

Mark Barlex | 09:34 UK time, Monday, 14 August 2006

Apologies, but technical problems meant Friday's STORYFix didn't make it as a video podcast, although it was available to watch online and via the News Multiscreen on TV.

storyfix_logo.jpgWe should sort it out soon, and it should be available at some stage today. Apologies again.

UPDATE, 1700: Video podcast system interface now working. STORYFix available again as a download. Apologies for the inconvenience. We promise to read the manual before Friday.

Thanks, by the way, for the positive comments. And for the un-positive comments. Not sure it's my place to agree with Milly Anily when he or she says it's brilliantly put together, although I like it, obviously. And of course John Charman is quite within his rights to find it not big, not clever, and certainly not funny. Although, it's not supposed to be big or clever. In the traditional sense, anyway. (Although it is supposed to be funny).


We love it Mark, keep up the good work. You can read our short-ish review at

Yes, for all the criticism (mea culpa) I think it's worth saying that it is funny.

I particularly like the choice of presenters. No-one can do dry as crisp 'n wry as well as Emily Maitlis, although I like the way it's brought us a new side to Louise Minchin. James Dagwell and Kate Silverton are good-humoured, if a little safe. But please be sparing with Declan Curry who turns out to be quite aggressive!

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  • At 08:04 AM on 16 Jan 2007,
  • Phil wrote:

What kind of title is that?

Had no idea what I was going to be presented with, read it anyway, not very interesting though.

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