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Ticking along nicely

Paul Brannan | 16:20 UK time, Wednesday, 7 June 2006

After a gestation period akin to that of an elephant, the News website has rolled out a new version of its popular desktop ticker.

A graphic of the BBC News websiteOperating system changes saw the old one run into the sand, bedevilled by gremlins which meant it became increasingly high maintenance.

The latest version to come out of the hangar replaces the former breaking news desktop alert and updates the sport version while retaining the sheepskin-clad Mini Motty character. Quite remarkable.

The shiny new application was developed with an external firm called Skinkers and offers a greater range of personalisation.

A graphic of the BBC News websiteThere are up to 300 content options with variable speed scrolling for headlines from a range of categories including health, science, technology and entertainment.Click on a headline and you get a four-paragraph summary of the story. If you want more detail another click takes you to the full-blown web version. It also triggers desktop alerts about forthcoming TV and radio current affairs programme.

So far, we haven't made too much of a song and dance about it because we're a cautious lot and want to see how it beds in.

But if you want to join the pioneers and offer feedback to product manager Anthony Sullivan, the application is just a couple of clicks away.

This being the BBC you may have some permissions issues about downloading software to your machine, but don't be put off.

Because we wanted this up and running before the World Cup we weren't able to bring out a Macintosh version, but that has been pencilled in for later in the year.

And Anthony is already looking at expanding personalisation with things like keyword alerts and five-day weather forecasts. If there are any things you'd like to see then do let him know.


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  • At 09:57 AM on 08 Jun 2006,
  • Chris wrote:

Shame there's no Mac version yet, but glad to see it's coming. Be nice if you guys considered developing some nice widgets (if you have OSX, you'll know what I mean) for OSX ... there's already one for radio, so one featuring some news content would be ace.

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