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Phones, letters, e-mails

Host Host | 11:04 UK time, Friday, 23 June 2006

Among the audience response received by the BBC were some complaints that a rogue voice could be heard swearing over the end of Question Time, and a complaint that the World at One used the word "Schadenfreude" when it was not obvious what it meant.

This e-mail was also received:

Please pass on my thanks and admiration to Nick Clarke and his wife, Barbara Want, for their diary, Fighting to be Normal, which I listened to today. Brilliant radio. It had me in tears at points for its truthful and honest look at how real people in normal life meet and deal with the extreme. Thank you both so much. You cannot beat radio as a medium and you cannot beat honesty and humour as ways of tackling cancer. The twins are wonderful!


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  • At 08:02 PM on 02 Jul 2006,
  • Fr Paul Nicholas wrote:

Two solidiers are killed in Afghanistan
and the top news on BBC 1 is Beckham's resignation. Get your priorities right BBC; the dumbing down should stop.

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