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The missing story

Steve Herrmann Steve Herrmann | 12:49 UK time, Tuesday, 16 May 2006

There's an article in today's Daily Express about how a new “internationalist extremism” is allegedly sweeping the country.

newswebsite.gifThe article is wrong when it says the BBC News website did not cover an interview the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu gave to the Today programme; we wrote a story about his claim that some local government policies had led to the impression that migrants were being favoured over people of British origin. You can read it here.

As for the rest of the evidence cited in the piece about the new doctrine said to be tightening its grip over British public life (the BBC included), that's perhaps a debate for another day.


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  • At 03:44 PM on 08 Aug 2006,
  • R. L. Hails Sr. P. E. wrote:

The BBC broke its own axiom,"the days of a photographer providing the one defining image for a newspaper front page are long gone." Count the number of times you published the Abu Ghraib photos in an intentional attempt to discredit one side of the war effort. You tried, and failed to define the war with these photos. What you accomplished is a loss of trust. Your journalism is judged as slated. It will be hard, or imposible to regain trust.

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