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Private lives

Rod McKenzie Rod McKenzie | 16:19 UK time, Thursday, 18 May 2006

Temper tantrums, nagging and multi-million pound settlements. The story of the Heather and Macca split was juicy for the tabloids but clearly makes some BBC journalists nervous about following the tab's agenda.

BBC Radio 1 logoAfter all, our private lives are our own business, aren't they?

Not when you're Paul McCartney they're not - and not when you have this couple's talent for self-publicity. Remember him having a go at Wyclef Jean for his ultimate bling (alleged) Polar Bear coat, or Heather's one woman protest against J-Lo's collection at New York Fashion week, pictures in the snow by seals, landmine campaigns, not to mention online post-split soothing messages about Heather from the great man himself.

But the Beatles were a long time ago - and does the audience care? It may not be the best Radio 1 story ever but the fur trade, fashion, music, money and love splits go a long way to whetting the audience's appetite - and while we're on about the money, at least Heather will be making some more of her own when her new book comes out next week. It's all about the key to a balanced and stress free life. I think I'll get a copy.


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  • At 11:58 AM on 19 May 2006,
  • Ginny wrote:

I agree you shouldn't just copy the papers.

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  • At 03:07 PM on 19 May 2006,
  • Lucy wrote:

Oooh is that a veiled reference there to Heather Mills' book coming out just as she's in the thick of this news story about her divorce? Is that very cynical timing?

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  • At 03:14 PM on 19 May 2006,
  • Maria wrote:

But it isn't SELF publicity if they're doing charity work is it? All their media appearances seem to be related to a good cause - not just "showing up on the red carpet". I think you the media are too unkind to Heather Mills. Even with Linda, the knives weere out. It's like the journalists decide they are going to hate someone and present them badly even if they do nothing but charity work. Although I do aggree Ms Mills can seem a little charmless sometimes - I think the papesr are just snidey and make themsleves look shabby by picking apart relatively inoffensive celebrities like these two. Leave them alone.

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  • At 03:15 PM on 19 May 2006,
  • Julian wrote:

sometimes I think the papers are more interested in these stories than the public. no-one I know has talked about this in real life.

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  • At 09:35 PM on 19 May 2006,
  • Adam wrote:

I applaud any efforts to expose Macca as a charlatan. Just because he once wrote some nice songs doesn't mean he can't be a pompous humbug who shamelessly blames the media for the his poor marital judgement. This wasn't just a tabloid story - everyone filled their boots, and rightly so.

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