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On the phones, Wednesday

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  • 17 May 06, 11:23 AM

A selection of the 1,288 audience phone calls received by the BBC in the past 24 hours.

Re Ten O'clock News on the video of the 11 September attack on the Pentagon: "I felt that the reporter was wrong to state that only 'a few' people believe the attack was a conspiracy. I believe that a much larger number than this think it was."

Re Ten O'clock news on Tony Blair's speech about nuclear power: "The reporter incorrectly stated that nuclear power supplies 20% of the UK's energy. I understand that nuclear power accounts for 20% of electricity supply in this country."

Re Newsnight: Caller claimed that Jeremy Paxman said the word "bollocks".

Re Six O'clock News new format: "They look like a bunch of 'ninnies'. They should be sitting down, not standing up."

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