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Host Host | 13:59 UK time, Monday, 22 May 2006

It's worth taking a look at this week's Newswatch. Among other things, host Ray Snoddy interviews the BBC's Mark Urban on the issue of conspiracy theories (which we looked at last week).

Ray: "In future, will journalists like you have to pay more attention to the unofficial view of the world, through blogs and the internet?"
Mark: "I think we already do - I think it is a very good way of getting some sense of what people are saying and thinking out there."

Watch the programme in full here.


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  • At 10:31 AM on 23 Sep 2006,
  • louis vienna wrote:

i have often been appalled at the bias in bbc coverage. it reached a crescendo in the coverage of the lebanon crisis and now the pope's lecture.
the old maxim of objectivity, truthfulness, and reliability of bbc have gone. is that new labour inspired too?
this country is being intimidated into submission. now the pope, or anyone else, cannot even quote from history!!!
yet the reactions to which bbc gave enormous prominence and endorsement by implication more than make the bizantyne emperor's case.
and bbc does not make the point either that the police / law enforcement which arrested a man for distributing pamphlets quoting the bible (the head of state is also head of church in uk last time i looked), a girl is arrested for simply reading out the names of fallen soldiers, yet various 'imans' and assorted muslims can rant and rave and incite murder AND be given enormous antena time by bbc radio AND tv.
appalling!!!!! and on my money!!!!

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