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Getting MPs fit

Jamie Donald | 13:45 UK time, Monday, 22 May 2006

I’m sure we’ll take some stick for doing this. There’ll be those who think it’s not right to give Mark Oaten a platform, or take MPs away from their legislation and constituents. There will be others who think it's unseemly or a waste of the licence fee. Some of the bloggers out there already given us some feedback. Here’s a sample:

The Daily Politics logo• "That's just conjured images of green lycra that I just didn't need." (The Vented Spleen)
• " [Mark Oaten] should be aware though that all this exercise will not get him his hair back."
(Peter Black AM)
• "[You] can already sense the shudders from some party stalwarts who will feel that this kind of public spectacle (entertainment) on national TV won't do the party's image any good.
(Susanne Lamido)
• "Get a hat and suitable condiments ready." (Guido Fawkes)

As you’d expect, I’m a big fan of both the idea and the execution. Think Jamie Oliver and School Dinners. Think too about politics and engagement; about the issues facing ordinary people. Think seeing the mighty struggle, the powerful sweat, and those remote and gilded villagers of Westminster being put through a lot of pain and anguish. It’s all there.

As for my own pain and anguish – it’s pretty much over now. The heart rate is settling, the tremors are lessening and I wish I could say I feel better for it. Well maybe a little. You can catch the series – which we’re calling The Body Politics - every Monday for the next six weeks on The Daily Politics on BBC Two at Noon. We’re also going to run little tasters on the days in between. There’s more background, and video of the Body Politics, on our Daily Politics website.


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  • At 06:50 PM on 22 May 2006,
  • Geoff wrote:

Maybe I'm stupid but I just don't get Guido Fawkes's comment.

Maybe I'm stupid but I just don't get Guido Fawkes's comment.

Nor do I, and it it was me wot found it. IIRC, it came from deep within the comments section of his blog, and his blog commenters have a tendency towards filth, so you might not wish to give it much more thought.

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