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BBC in the news, Friday

Host Host | 12:09 UK time, Friday, 12 May 2006

Guardian: Not for the first time, Radio 4 listeners are up in arms. The cause is a 'sexist', 'racist', 'rubbish' phone-in show called Down the Line. But we've been had. (Link)

Guardian: BBC radio widens gaps over rivals (Link)

Telegraph on July 7 report: During its years in office, the Government has gone to the most tortuous lengths to evade responsibility for all sorts of faults. The appointment of a tame judge ensured the inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly shifted the blame for that tragedy on to the BBC rather than on to Labour's bullying spin machine, where it properly belonged. (Link)

Independent: BBC asks staff to step in after 'Top of the Pops' audience crisis (Link)


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  • At 01:07 PM on 27 Aug 2007,
  • Timi wrote:

Hey guys. I'm just here to share a different point of view. I think the BBC does a great job bringing the news to society and has always done so. There are so many positive aspects to the work that you guys do and I commend you for it. Once again this forum has shown that most of this society is completely focused on the negative.
If I could make one suggestion, it would be to seek more positive news than negative news. Most people writing in this forum are just used to all the bad news and criticism that the media dishes out and it has affected their state of mind. People need more to be happy about than to be sad about.
Keep up the good work.

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