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Week 35 Music List

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:24 UK time, Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dan Black - 'U + Me ='
Lifehouse - 'You and Me'
The Living God - 'Man of Many Faces' (via BBC Introducing)
Jane Taylor - 'Blowing This Candle Out'
The Concretes - 'You Can't Hurry Love'
Ironik presents Digga - 'Broken'
Cat Power - 'The Greatest'
Ironik - '5 hours'
The Stooges - 'No Fun'
MIA featuring JZ - 'XXXO'
Goldfrapp - 'Hunt'
Ape School - 'My Intention (Yppah Remix)'
Goldfrapp - 'Shiny and Warm'
Pop Levi - 'Sugar Assault Me Now'
The Eels - 'All the Beautiful Things'
Orange - 'Standing Still'
Shocking Blue - 'Send Me A Postcard'

Here's the Spotify playlist. All shiny and sparkly and new.

We've all wanted to be in a band, right? It's kind of a universal thing. You start to get into music a bit, you find a few things you like a lot, and you wonder whether you could ever do it yourself. But then you start to worry, cos all the people you see on the TV have got expensive instruments, and talent, and stuff, and all you've got is a stick and a mug.

But, if you listen to one of the songs in this week's Cut playlist - namely 'No Fun' by the Stooges - you will soon see that you have one of the most effective and brilliant musical instruments known to human ears, stuck on the end of your arms.

That's right, I'm talking about your hands. And what they can be used for is clapping. Handclaps are guaranteed to turn a reasonable song into a sonic delight, because they grab at the attention with their meaty slap. In short, handclaps are cool.

Listen to that clapping on 'No Fun' for a second. 'No Fun' gets credit for inventing punk rock, what with all the loud guitars and the sneering from Iggy Pop and stuff, but what's the loudest noise in the whole song? That's right, the clapping. It is loud and it is slightly sarcastic. And if you can make the simple handclap sound like you're half taking the mickey, half destroying civilisation as we know it, you KNOW you're punk rock.

So next time you're entertaining the idea of becoming a rock star, why not give yourself a round of applause? It could be the first step towards something amazing.



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