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Episode 30... online tomorrow

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Vicki Vicki | 12:00 UK time, Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hey guys,

Hope you've all been enjoying the interactive episode of The Cut? And come on, own up, who's managed to burn the toast?? I know Isla and I certainly have on more than one occasion (you think we'd learn our lesson first time round).

Anyways, as you all well know we didn't have episode 30 online this week, so we're putting it up tomorrow instead. To explain a bit more I've put this FAQ together, although actually, these questions haven't actually been asked yet, so it's more of a SATQWHBAYBTWTMABQU ('Some Answers To Questions We Haven't Been Asked Yet But That We Thought Might Actually Be Quite Useful').

When can I watch episode 30?
Sunday, 10th October at 5:10pm right here on this blog.

Will all the videos for episode 30 be up on one go?
No, the first five minutes will go up at 5:10 and then five minutes after that the next video will go up, then the next one five minutes after that and so on…You know, so it's like a real live party experience. Or something.

Why are you calling it a party?
Because we don't normally show episodes on a Sunday, so it's kind of exciting. Plus there's a couple of surprises in store for you, so you're gonna want to be here.

What if I'm not in at 5:10pm?
Don't worry, we'll leave the episodes and all the party magic online for you to catch up with.

When will I get to see Episode 31?
The Cut returns to normal from Monday, October 11th, with a 5 minute video going up every day at 5:10 on the website. There's also a special double bill of episode 30 and 31 on BBC Two, 16th October from 12pm.

Lastly, why is there a hamster holding a tiny cake on the party invite?
Because a party is not a party without a tiny party hamster holding a tiny party cake. Obviously.

Hope this helps! x



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