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Week 22 on iPlayer and little bits of gossip...

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Vicki Vicki | 13:53 UK time, Saturday, 5 June 2010

Wow, what a week in The Cut! I was looking through my hands when youknowwho went to youknowwhere. And when whatshername threw a whaddyacallit in the whatsthenameofthatplaceagain I was like 'eep!'.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm guessing it's because you didn't see episode 22 of The Cut this week. 'Cos otherwise I'm sure you'd understand my well constructed high-brow code. Erm. Right?? Either way, you can (quite literally) get with the programme and watch the episode in full on iPlayer right now! Yesss.

Loads of you have been asking about Tommy, Rosa and Jay... and of course I want to give you answers, but I can't!! It's going to have to be a classic wait and see... The good news is though that I can reveal some things. Well, I don't actually know if I can. But I'm going to anyway. I'm a bit of a maverick like that...

1. In next week's episode, things hot up between a certain two characters. But which two?!!?

2. The writers are already working hard on series THREE of The Cut! Thanks to everyone for their amazing ideas.

3. Yesterday, Maisie and Wilf (Frankie and Cameron) spent the morning on set going through a scene which will happen in a few weeks time. The rumours are that it involves a lot of very intricate rehearsing... And a bit of loud music too... OHHHHHHHHHHH.


Vicki x


  • Comment number 1.

    marla and elliot hotting up maybee?

  • Comment number 2.

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  • Comment number 3.

    I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually don't want Tommy to come back. I don't have a problem with the character, but hardly anyone has left the series for good since it started. Jay should come back because there's loads of mysteries around him, and they can't get rid of Rosa yet, because she hasn't had an exit storyline, but I personally think the programme is too weighed down with characters at the moment and could fathom perfectly well without Tommy, nice as he is.

  • Comment number 4.

    And by the way, I actually thought the parents evening scenes were very unrealistic. Teenagers usually accompany their parents to these things, and also it is not likely that they would have it for more than one year on the same night. Sorry for the negative comments, just thought it would be good for future reference :)

  • Comment number 5.

    I agree with everything George said! Olive and Tommy were a weak couple. I didn't really find them intresting. The storyline got old after a while, sorry! And I feel like we NEED to see Rosa again. You can't just give her a major storyline then have no follow through. Another loose end; the boys and Alex. Why was that never carried on? George shoved a drink at Alex as the cliffhanger but.. nothing happened..

    But enough bad stuff - I enjoyed this week! We got to see the whole cast together and also a bit more action with the parents for a change.

  • Comment number 6.

    @George --
    I get what you're saying about Tommy. I'd rather he didn't come back *immediately*. Think of the Alex/Tommy confrontation later on...He's gotta get his come-uppance sometime. But again I think he should come back much later (and who knows if he will at all!) so the stories are probably less Olive-centric. Wasn't the intent just to give a boy and a girl roles for this series but they liked characters like Elliot & George so much the got parts? I guess there should be some in some out a times and some not focused on as much.
    I also thought the parent's evening thing was a bit odd but then again I guess they had to take a few liberties for dramatic purposes (ie. Mack/Toni)


    1. My first inkling was Marla/Elliot hotting up, that's if Miss Ice Queen thaws next week. But also could be Olive/Alex - don't do it Ol! I hope they don't hot up but Ol seems pretty impressionable still, but that's Tommy's brother! I hope it's not Ol/Stephen - that'd annoy me tbh...Hmmm...out of ideas now
    2. Awesome, how long is the break between Series 2 & 3 ??
    3. Great! I love Cameron - he's such a cutie. And really funny too!

    Can't wait for Monday
    I love the show guys!

  • Comment number 7.

    I'm sorry but i have to dissagree with you patchwork on the Tommy and Olive comment front they were a better couple than Olive and Stephen at least he deserved her Stephen on the other hand doesn't when he constonlay lies to her. I agree that we need to see Rosa again and the bit about Alex with the drink should have been followed on.

    Enough with the bad bits this week was fab the stuff with the attacks will be solved but we just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Comment number 8.

    @pinkiecharm i agree with you, Tommy and olive were a better couple even though I disliked Tommy at first but then as we got to know him more he seemed like a real nice guy. i still feel sorry for stephen as he seems to be very incomplete without olive maybe this time he's really changed but then its hard to say. it looked like alex seemes to like olive a tiny bit which would atcually be a good storyline a weird but mysterious one then tommy could come back!
    i miss tommy the cut seems to be a bit empty without him to be honest but in the meantime it would be good to get to know some of the new characters a bit more, but at the same time more of the main characters involved.
    anyways i thought this week ep was awesome full of dramatic storylines :]

    love the cut!

  • Comment number 9.

    I hope it's Marla and Elliot 'hotting up' :) they're turning into the best couple! I really enjoyed this week but wish we could have seen more scenes from the parents evening (the comments on Marla, Cameron, Frankie etc.) next week should be great, cannot wait !!! Also when will we have more on what's going on with Marla's self harming, that seems like an issue that should be sorted out! (you might have guessed marla's my faviroute character

  • Comment number 10.

    I thought Alex and the alcohol was followed up, in that it was him who put alcohol in the drink Marla tried in the cafe (Mango, Coconut and vodka) which was why Catherine looked surprised and partly why Alex was being so helpful. I think with the short time they have per episode they dont always spell everything out in minute detail.

    I hope Tommy hasn't gone for good, not particularly bothered about him and Olive but would love to see more of him, Alex and their dad. It would seem silly to introduce a whole new family unti only to split it up straight away.
    I like Rosa but I think they need to think of another storyline for her as all she seems to do is steal Olive's boyfriends and she has so much more potential.
    Loving Cam at the mo, he is just fantastic.He and Alex are my faves at the mo. I like Catherine and think she will be a good way of getting lots of the characters to interact as she seems to get on with everyone. Not really too bothered about Elliot or Frankie, but maybe just need to get to know them better.
    Enjoying the Marla stuff, I think she is a really well rounded character. I love her interactions with mack and would also like to see the self harm stuff revisited.
    Hoping Stephen gets something to do other than pine over Olive, though really hoping the stuff with his mum and the guy from the dive bar isnt going to be something to do with her having an affair and Stephen not being Mack's.
    I would quite like Olive and Alex to be friends, I think he could lighten her up a bit, has she actually had a smile on her face for a whole 5 min episode this season? And also I would like to see Alex open up a bit, there is obviously stuff going on with his dad and he might be annoying but he is getting picked on by George and co. That being said, don't want him to become all brooding like Stephen. I enjoy his scheming and mischief.


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