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A little message from the head writer on The Cut...

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Vicki Vicki | 09:37 UK time, Sunday, 27 December 2009

Al Smith, head writer on The Cut, is hand to give you some tips and a little message...

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So, I'm sitting in a café with Anna next to me (she's our script-editor-supremo and fellow writer, along with writers Grant and Vicki) and we're eating pastries and looking back over the first series of The Cut. (I'm the lead writer on the show...I ordinarily hide in the shadows pulling strings, but Anna's enticed me to write an entry for this blog, largely by discovering my secret passion for all things pain au chocolate at 9am).

The ball started rolling at the end of 2008, when our gang of writers sat down for the first time to figure out whether we could make a drama that could be chopped up and shown in online in five-minute chunks.

I had written for some of the BBC's long running shows on the telly, be they EastEnders or Holby City or what have you, and my job is to bring what I've learnt from those shows to The Cut, and figure out a way of keeping things pacy whilst keeping an eye on the long-term storylines. A year on and we've invented characters, written the scripts, cast the show, crewed up, and shot all 75 five minute episodes that make up Series 1. A monster project for our little team.

Now, we're all sitting down and thinking where we go from here. What do our characters do in Series 2, and...and further? What would you like to see?

Thanks for the nice comments - means a lot to us to read those from you. And keep sending us your story ideas...new ideas for characters and scenarios, etc etc...


Al (and Anna, Grant and Vicki too)


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    One thing I was wondering: You know Tina (the girl Mack was sleeping with)? Was she originally meant to be a regular character? Melissa Ambrosini is credited on the characters list and she's in pictures and everything, but she only appears in two scenes in the entire series.


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