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Week 9 Omnibus, parties and presents.

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Vicki Vicki | 12:25 UK time, Saturday, 14 November 2009


I feel I've got loads to tell you on this merry Saturday, but of course the most important of all is that you can watch the Week 9 omnibus ALL OVER AGAIN, right here. I intend to watch it a good five or twenty times today.

Okay and now for the REAL gossip. On Monday, we had a little 'Hooray! We've finished filming series of The Cut' type party. All the cast and crew were there, and the highlights were when Billie (plays Olive), Jess (plays Toni) and Lara (Marla) made up a dance. Okay, maybe I was involved a little bit, too. There was also much bowling involved, and both Matt (Stephen) and Sam (Jay) proved they were pretty darn good. I guess you could say they bowled us all over with their skills... but I won't because that's just, like, sooo cheesy.

In more websitey news, we have a present for you! Well, it's a sort of present. Not the kind you'd ask for for Christmas, not least because it would be a nightmare to wrap, but ANYWAY! The present is... this widget! Yes, I didn't know what one was either until Trev explained. Basically, a widget is a little thing you can embed on your pages (so facebook, bebo, blogs etc) that will update every time there's a new episode of The Cut, or a new bit of backstage gossip. So you know, get with it... or should that be 'get WIDGET!' Ha ha ha.


There is also a lovely photo gallery of week 9 here for your viewing pleasure and don't forget, if you missed it, you can watch Tuesday's 5:19 Cut special with Party Horse again. Fin's surname was revealed on the show, too. On this Tuesday's Cut Special a certain brand new Cut promo *might* just be getting it's first online airing, after it was shown at Switch Live. Oooh indeed.

Right! I think that's everything. I'm off to watch The Cut again because I have no life outside of the show.

No, really, I don't.


Vicki xx

PS. I had a bit of trouble logging on to comment on this blog, but I got it sorted. If any of you, like Fcauznet and Olivia26rosa, are having the same difficulties give me a little email and I'll do what I can to sort it out: thecut@bbc.co.uk


  • Comment number 1.

    helloooooooo? echo much?

    errr my typing was going slow just then, i blame this new bbcid x|

    i assume you have missed mine and olivia's contribution's to the blog and started to worry eh? only mentioned in the PS though :@ not even an 'NB: COME BACK FCAUZNET AND OLIVIA'. anyways i'm back now, kinda been away cos i'm a loser, been busy working, cba to set up new bbcid and stuff, but i've been watching every day still :D

    anyway, to part with a bit of knowledge the correct pronounciation of fcauznet as fur-coz-net ;) not fc auz-net as you so 'eloquently put it ;) i'm not a football team m'dear. i would tell you what it means but i'm afraid i clicked agree to the BBCid terms ;'{ lol oh yeah and i'm a guy, i saw how you diplomatically quoted my post as 'they' aww x :D

    hmm, five or twenty times eh? i would say is it cos you're still ill [party horse interview] [btw odd how the bloke spoke in my left ear of earphones and the lass in the left :P and you in both.. creepy eh?] and have nothing to do, but i have a feeling you're just 'cool(!) like that' hope you're feeling better though x

    ta for not inviting any of us to the party btw(!) it's not as if the viewers/fans make the cut what it is or anything(!!!!!!!) ;) btw you're so brie [cheesy...] PAHAH :S vicki brie and fin scott...

    a widget for the cut, widget is the mac term and gadget for pc WOOT GO MAC xD but it's a web widget so EURGH lol

    ta for the photo gallery who is slink aiss [she kind alooks like mel b :S -sorry, but that picture and mel b on that breadline program and stuff- [just looked around bbc she's to do with fashion/costume?]

    BOO at fins surname btw GER FTW!! even you liked it, couldn't swing it for me eh, i just think you found it too hard to pronounce my name ... xP(!) was olivia who picked scott as the surname olivia26rose?

    oooh i asked for a new cut promo before, awww you do listen [and actually read] my drivel :P or was it coincidence ;'{

    vicki get a life, i think your addiction to the cut is hurting those around you xD -looks up cutaholics anonymous in the yellow pages-

    now you're making me look like an addict, look how long this post it, like the longest post on a blog in like the history of the world or what!?

    see you in next week's blog vicki [looking forward to trevor's music post seeing as you're too lazy to put it in anymore(!) ;'}]



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