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Bullyproof and The Cast of The Cut - on Radio One

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Vicki Vicki | 16:20 UK time, Monday, 16 November 2009

All this week, there's a big anti-bullying campaign across BBC Switch, Radio One and 1xtra called 'Bullyproof'. As part of it, Olive, Fin and Tommy* from The Cut popped into Switch with Annie and Nick on Radio One to talk about their characters, how bullying affects them and also how they each find the confidence to do things like talk live on radio!

They were really fab. Don't believe me? Listen again here

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/b0081k8q/console (skip to 2 hours and 27 mins in)

Here is a lovely pic of the cast with Nick and Annie:


We filmed some ace behind the scenes stuff with the cast too (they were excited, but very nervous!), so we'll pop that in The 5:19 Cut Special on Tues, 24th November.

Look out for the BBC Bullyproof stamp which is all over the web and head to the bullying minisite for information on confidence tips and how to protect yourself online

- www.bbc.co.uk/bullyproof

To quote La Roux, get yourself 'bulllllly-proof'. Oh wait. That's not how it goes...

Vicki x



*Do you like the way I've casually just linked to Tommy and Fin's, oh you know, BRAND NEW CHARACTER PROFILES?! Smooth.



  • Comment number 1.

    wow tommy looks different here, only just about realised it was him.

    good work on the behind the scenes stuff, will look forward to tomorrow.

    loving the bullyproof minisite, some good advice there, recommend people check it out.

    nice la roux [mis]quote, -waits for the vicki lutas spoof on youtube
    "this time baby i'll be BULLLLLLLLLYPROOFFFFFF!" it does actually kinda sound like it tbh, if like you ignore the t sound and yeah.. ';| lol

    real smoooth casual linkage whatnot hooha, glad to see it's almost complete, though you know rosa's character profile isn't there uh huh? can't get the juicy[gory?] details from her eh? STEP UP TO THE CHALLENGE VICKI! xD -offers you a holmes hat and cape] 'suits you sir!'.

    [feel free to put up a character profile for that creepy oxford uni interviewer, you know he isnjust as important as the other characters xD.]

  • Comment number 2.

    I saw your Bully Proof website on the internet today in which you encourage bullied young people to 'feel good about themselves!" Anything but actually punish the bullies themselves! In my opinion the only justification there can be for contacting so many bullied people is insofar as they are organized into mass groups capable of punishing bullies violently and entrying the political process and de-selecting the MP's of our couldn't care less State and Media. Spare us the rest and the twaddle! What you are doing is just helping the bullies by saddling long suffering people with ideas and rituals which take energy and effort and set them up to be bullied again for being 'cocky!' Radio 1, you don't have the experience and understanding to comment on these matters! You are exploiting the issue for the sake of your broadcasting!


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