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The 5:19 Cut special - Fin needs your help!

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Vicki Vicki | 11:37 UK time, Wednesday, 21 October 2009

On yesterday's 5:19 Cut special, Fin admitted to needing your help, Marla and Stephen asked for your questions and there was a big announcement about next week's show. Watch it again right now...

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Send in your suggestions for Fin, plus your questions for Marla and Jay to the519show@bbc.co.uk OR post them as comments here. And, um, next week... exciting, much?!?

Vicki x

Remember you can watch the 5:19 Show every day at 5:19pm on bbc.co.uk/switch and the special TV edition every Saturday on BBC Two during the Switch zone.


  • Comment number 1.

    Haha, That is actuallt a really good question Lara...Yeah Matt why do you wear guy liner? :P
    And Lara what is the best feature of your character, do you think?

  • Comment number 2.

    hmm, fin... along your ish lines

    Fin Ger, Fin Ito... umm yeah but enough of that. guess she could be somehow a mackinnon or loxley lol but i guess that might complicate the things to too much plus the storyline's already written.

    umm mancurian names? is it manchester they're from? i can't remember.. know it's up north, barlow as in ken ... :S umm scholes as in man united...

    argh it's hard, don't know much about the character ;l let's just say Fin Taylor sounds alright, just chose a common surname :|

    questions for lara and matt... umm, yeah the guy-liner question.
    what happened to marla's running/training? ;) [back burner with her mum business?]
    why toni and olive's parent's aren't about... ;/

    i guess that's it, i could go on, but i don't want to bore them xP

    will be interesting to hear how dan black feels about everyone loving the theme tune :} OAO x


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