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Summer Heights High

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Ellen West - web producer | 17:16 UK time, Thursday, 31 July 2008

Nico and Sarah (researchers on the Culture Show team) have been raving about BBC Three's series Summer Heights High, a comedy set in an Australian high school. Nico had been trying to get hold of the series' creator - Chris Lilley - for a feature on The Culture Show and was hopeful that he would be in the UK towards the end of the year, but this now looks unlikely. The whole series is apparently in iPlayer right now, but the first episodes are only available to watch for 8 more hours. You see my quandary - I don't like to recommend something without seeing it first but if I wait until I've watched it then it will be too late. Looking at the iPlayer entry for the series it is categorised as 'entertainment & comedy > spoof'. I can't help but think that this sort of taxonomy would have rather spoiled the fun when Down the Line started...


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