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  1. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    Pip, some escaped cows and the IBR virus

    The escape of cows from Brookfield is a lot more serious now IBR has been found in the herd.

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  2. Archers agricultural adviser

    IBR: What is it and how is it fought?

    The Archers Agricultural Adviser Graham Harvey explains the IBR disease.

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  3. Actor (Kirsty Miller)

    Kirsty's reaction to her late miscarriage

    Actor Annabelle Dowler considers how Kirsty has tried to cope with her late miscarriage.

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  4. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    Jill's apology flapjacks - a recipe

    Jill's baked some apology flapjacks for Pip to share with Toby. What could have gone into them?

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  5. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    Justin sends Rob packing

    After Stefan's reappearance it didn't take long for word to reach Justin about Rob's actions in the 2015 flood.

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  6. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    What’s the history between Elizabeth and Richard?

    Delve into the history of Elizabeth's love life...

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  7. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    Lilian's tricky situation

    How does Lilian handle Justin's recommendation that Rob becomes one of her tenants?

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  8. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    Makeovers in Ambridge

    As we reach for the winter woollies, there's many a wardrobe change going on in Ambridge.

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  9. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    The Archers' over-sized family photo

    How did a family portrait, which was a gift for Phil and Jill, end up being so huge?

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  10. Assistant Producer, The Archers

    Nightmares of Christmas Shows past

    As Lynda turns her attention to the Christmas Show, we look back at the recent theatrical disasters that have beset her.

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