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  1. Brian Aldridge - 40 years at Home Farm

    Brian bought the land back in 1975 - which also just happens to be when Charles Collingwood joined The Archers. Here's a clip to remind you of Brian/ Charles's first appearance...

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  2. Jennifer's pregnancy (1966)

    Should Peggy have been more supportive on the subject of sex when Jennifer was growing up? Here's a look back to Jennifer's shocking revelation, from 1966.

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  3. Jill and the ghost of Grace Archer

    Jill seems strangely rattled by the arrival of the Fairbrother boys and their presence at Hollowtree.

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  4. Archers (down with the kids) at Glastonbury.

    A few memorable moments from Worthy Farm, including when Kate gave birth to Phoebe in a teepee (1998)...

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  5. The Ambridge Single Wicket

    A guide to the annual cricket event with a reminder of previous competitions and winners.

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  6. David Troughton on Tony Archer

    David Troughton looks back on his first year as Tony Archer - and what an eventful one it has been!

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