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  1. CLA Director of Policy and Advice.

    Share Farming

    Here's an explanation of Share Farming, featuring an account from a farmer who managed to make it a success.

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  2. Archers (down with the kids) at Glastonbury.

    A few memorable moments from Worthy Farm, including when Kate gave birth to Phoebe in a teepee (1998)...

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  3. Chair of National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs

    Young Farmers

    Hannah Talbot is Chair of the National Federation of Young Farmers. She shares her thoughts on the organisation and opportunities for young people to get involved.

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  4. Writer, The Archers

    Of all medical conditions, cardiac arrest and heart attacks are perhaps the best known and least understood. Mark Cox of the British Red Cross explains.

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  5. Dyslexia Assessor


    An expert explains the difficulties facing Johnny, and what can be done about them.

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