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Double bluffs and red herrings. Listener discussions to 15 Dec 2010

Saturday 18 December 2010, 14:05

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell

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#thearchers shock prediction: shark attacks Debbie in Caribbean, Aldridges rush to her bedside to avoid Carters' Xmas Eve nibbles

Speculation is really hotting up on the message board and Twitter - most conversations come around to the big anniversary episode at some point in their travels: from gossip in the dairy to a possible mass listeria poisoning or from strangling turkeys to strangling a sibling.

Will it be a hostage situation? Will running amok? Pip crashing the car during a driving lesson? Lizzie's heart condition returning? Or is it something to do with Jamie, who's been "suspiciously quiet" lately? Many think one of the clan will be pushing up daisies before long. They're watching out for "double bluffs" and "red herrings".

Here is the latest on The Archers according to the folks on our message board and Twitter.

Susan "Radio" Carter has a rival - "Radio 1 and Radio 2?" Most think Vicky Tucker's appointment in the dairy is inspired (although some worry about who's babysitting little Abbie Tucker now). Susan's cosy chat with Vicky delighted many posters who'd been wondering about the lack of Helen-gossip in Ambridge...

Gossip. Gossip. Gossip. Sooosan and Vickoi - the perfect match. (Dr Toad Leg)

And at last some realistic gossip! The scene made up for the dreadful Kate milking her daughter's emotions for all she was worth! (JudithL)

Both excellent I thought. Which of them gets to keep her job when Clarrie comes back? Is this Pat and Tony's dilemma in the New Year? (Frosty Fieldpenguin)

All I can say is, for goodness sake, DON'T EAT THE YOGHURT!!! (superior-bee)

Read the gossip in the Susan and Vicky thread

The turkey plucking epi had a couple of posters thinking that they detected some chemistry between Ed and Nic - and would that shake Ambridge to the core perhaps? We also had a long debate about turkey cruelty with strong opinions on all sides.

I wonder how long the excellent Nic with put up with Will's awfulness. She sounded quite impatient with him today- I thought she was going to give him a real telling off after Emma left the shed ("AAND SHUT THE DOOAR AAFTER YOU"), but she restrained herself. I loved it a few weeks ago when she did lose her temper with him. (colintheconroy)

I thought Nic sounded really strained in the way that people with a difficult or potentially volatile partner might when they are "managing" them. Steeling herself to be in control of his mood and to see off threats to the equilibrium. Awful, stressful. (wondermeadows)

Read the "Lord and Master Will" thread
And the "More respect for animals please" thread

They've all waved Kate Madikane a cheery goodbye. Many think Kate horribly manipulative after she invited Phoebe to the airport.

Be prepared for a HUGE bill for Phoebe's psychoanalysis, Brian. Kate's really doing a Philip Larkin on her. (@DeedsThenWords)

Perhaps Kate is around just often enough and long enough to give poor Phoebe the worst of all possible worlds. (Wallasey)

We could have done with Peggy tonight - a few home truths wouldn't have gone amiss. (Auntie Rednosed Clockwise)

As for acting (and scripting), I thought Phoebe's repeated "mum" was heart-rending - and would have been entirely to Kate's satisfaction. She can leave broken hearts in two continents now. Felpersham Uni has done its job (urban-dreamer)

Read the "Wrong call Kate..." thread

Christmas Eve at the Carters - what a treat!

Lucky Jenny and Brian! An evening with the Horrobins (typewright)

Is it just me, but I'm rather looking forward to Christmas eve. (Nelson_G)

I loved it all! Jenny being swept off her feet by Susan, Brian taking it in his stride, and now Lilian and Matt on board! (Bette)

#thearchers shock prediction: shark attacks Debbie in Caribbean, Aldridges rush to her bedside to avoid Carters' Xmas Eve nibbles (@CEMichael)

Add your congratulations or commiserations to the "Lucky Jenny and Brian" thread

Who's your favourite character on The Archers? Add yours on the message board here or on the My Archers page.

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    a satisfactory storyline for the big episode would be for Elizabeth to have a fatal heart attack while driving, killing Helen in the process, the baby will survive and thereby avoid the distress of having her mother sectioned at some later date. Ian can adopt the infant. The plot line could be improved by involving something very unpleasant that includes death happening to Kate.

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    Comment number 3.

    Mass murder of the more irritating characters seems popular with the audience, but they are needed to keep the plots ticking over. Anyway, if Susan and Shula and Helen and Linda and Vicky and the wretched Aldridge girls were all written out, Equity would throw a wobbly over mass unemployment among actors.
    Maybe Ambridge could move up a notch: Phil returns to life on the stroke of midnight, his changed voice explained because he is now one of the angels. Ambridge becomes the Lourdes of the Midlands with mass tourism by true belivers, miracles working wonders for the local economy... yes, let's hear it for moral uplift for a change.


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