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"Brian will be ousted... Matt will gloat" - listener discussions till 4 April 2012

Wednesday 11 April 2012, 11:15

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell

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There are fears for Brian's soul as he pursues plans for the mega dairy. Should Amy Franks' dark secret be buried and never mentioned again? And will Tilley Button save the village from the dreaded James and Leonie this Easter?

With news of Rich spreading to the rest of the Archer family, thoughts turn to John's ex girlfriend Hayley - listeners think she should be told before it becomes village gossip.

They're still shouting at the radio when Tom makes an appearance, but there was some sympathy for him when it came to Brenda's "repulsive picnic"...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 29 March and 4 April 2012

Brian "sells his soul" to advance his plans for the mega dairy. But are Rufus's PR tactics - having a small patch of grazing for cows advertised on a DVD - a step too far?

But at what cost, Brian? At what cost? ONLY YOUR VERY SOUL.#thearchers (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

Brian really is a busted flush, being talked into Rufus's arrant deception. It seems that he is persuaded into believing every latest proposition. (snarklehound)

My prediction is that the patent dishonesty and misleading nature of the video will be found out ... and the application will be turned down. Andrew will mount a successful board coup at BL, Brian will be ousted ... Much recrimination at Home Farm, Matt will turn up to offer his sympathies/gloat (Poorgrass)

Have your say about The PR DVD... on the message board.

Amy's heart-to-heart with Alice about her mother, Catherine, had many on the message board discussing the cross over with Ambridge Extra (where this storyline originated). Some felt it was confusing and "weirdly unconnected with anything". Others think that Amy should make her own mind up about what went on in the past. And perhaps Alan should have kept Catherine's secrets to himself.

Perhaps Amy should do her own spot of investigating. It's never a good idea to believe only one version of a story. In fact it's a very bad idea. She should talk to people and look at documentary evidence. Whatever it takes, she needs to go into it and get to the truth if she is to get any peace of mind. Of course she has to bear in mind that the truth might be far more disturbing than the bare narrative presented by Alan. (PollyGlot)

I think reading letters about an incident in someone's life that they have taken the deliberate decision not to tell you about is the same as being told a confidentiality, or rather, surreptitiously over hearing it. To do anything with that knowledge was not Alan's decision to make... (Pollyanna)

Read more on the Amex in TA thread.

As James and Leonie get set to fly over the village at Easter, listeners have nominated Tilley Button chief mischief-maker. They're hoping she has dastardly plans for James and Leonie (and to hear more from all the Buttons).

What word will Ambridge choose to spell out for the helicopter?#TheArchers (@britishpictures on Twitter)

I like to imagine that Tilley is secretly planning to get the whole troop to raise their middle fingers at the helicopter. Or, if she can get her sister to help her coordinate (that Molly impresses me!), they could form the words "sod off" as the picture is snapped... (charmingAnnielynn)

Please yes, lots of lovely Buttons. Will Molly want to join the cricket team? Since she's apparently a whiz at football, this should follow on. (GreenBrownBear)

Join the growing fan club on the Tilley Button thread.

How would Tony's extended family react when he told them about Rich? Many thought there'd be fireworks. But surely they should let Hayley know before it becomes village gossip (once Lent's over, of course!)

@BBCTheArchers On standby for #richgate summit: gin for Lillian; smelling salts/Peggy; fan/Jennifer; defibrillator/Brian; halo/Tom #TheArchers (@TonysConsultant on Twitter)

Peggy is going to FLIP her WIG. #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)

Good old Peggy. The voice of reason in Ambridge. #thearchers (@NebulaHugo on Twitter)

They briefcasing haven't had the courtesy to let Hayley know!! It is really annoying me actually! They don't need to make a big deal of it just quietly and tactfully let her know that John had a child with Sharon and that they have only just found out about it. Give Hayley a chance to compose herself before it becomes the topic of conversation in the village she deserves at least that. (Scarlett the Harlot)

They will not regard Hayley as being worth informing now because that is the way they operate. (Hayley is also one of the 'lower orders' and is not supposed to have feelings) (Dr Toad Leg)

Join the debate in the Why hasn't Hayley visited Tony? thread.

"Welcome to the real world, Tom." For all his hard work, he isn't getting much sympathy from listeners.

Poor Tom he does have it hard doesn't he... all the paperwork as well as the farm work. and the sausages!... Dear me he will get tired won't he... ah diddums! (Eyorelady)

I don't often shout at the radio, but tonight I was there going "It's your JOB Tom!" Work IS hard, there bound to be are bits that are boring or tedious and if we all moaned like Tom did we'd all be very dull people indeed. Just get on with it Tom, like the rest of us do! (cheltenhamjess)

I think having to do his dad's share of the work around the farm has really opened his eyes to how much Tony used to do around the place that he was taking for granted before. It may not last, and he may forget it - but for now I give him credit for appreciating his father's contribution and being shocked out of taking him for granted. (PaulHammond26)

Poor Tom - not

Brenda's "repulsive picnic" for Tom got an almost unanimous thumbs down. A mango? What was she thinking?

... it's far too exotic and ethnic for Ambridge; surely an over-hard conference pear would have been more realistic #thearchers (@johnjohn21 on Twitter)

My Dad was brought up in the tropics and reckoned the only place to eat a mango was in the bath. (Ruralrambler)

they should have just settled for a pasty and avoided any controversy... #TheArchers (@monx61 on Twitter)

There are reasons why sturdy sandwiches or a nice solid pasty form the basis of the rural picnic - they hold their shape, they require no utensils and are sufficiently robust to have stray bucolic matter removed with a brisk flick. (TownieJane)

Add your thoughts on the Repulsive picnic thread.

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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