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'Sex, Lies and Organic Yoghurt' - Listener discussions to 28 August 2013

Tuesday 3 September 2013, 12:19

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell

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Post from @BeingDoris on Twitter Post from @BeingDoris on Twitter

No snogging please! Helen and Rob’s antics are putting listeners off their tea.

In other news: does Kathy have the bottle to "do a Brenda" and walk away from evil Martyn? Is Ray set to turn Grey Gables into a 70s-style Berni Inn? St Shula’s attempts to help Darrell haven’t gone down too well. And will everyone make it out of Ambride Extra alive?

Here’s my pick of online discussions between 22 and 28 August 2013


Helen and Rob are making listeners feel decidedly queasy and some report that they’ve delayed their dinner till after the broadcast just in case! The debate rages on about whether Helen is neglecting Henry, should she be lying to her parents and is it any of their business anyway?

This is not just any affair, this is a #thearchers affair. (@BeingDoris on Twitter)

Tension is crackling! ‪#thearchers (@shimmy41a on Twitter)

The Archers- Sex, Lies & Organic Yoghurt; has a certain ring to it no? @BBCTheArchers (@TillyV on Twitter)

Please go public and put us all out of our misery! And STOP the wet, gloppy slogging! ICK! (Darcy Jorgensen Adams on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Snogging on ‪#thearchers. I've just eaten. *Mary Whitehouse face* (@samaryd on Twitter)

Poor Helen, she does throw herself in the deep end. You'd have thought after all her experiences she'd possibly be a bit more cautious. (Nichola Jeans on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

I think she will really regret using and lying to her parents when Jess moves to the village and Rob breaks her heart! (Rachael Louise on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

Oh I want a baby so everyone else can look after him! And if I hear Helen go mmmmmm once more before the snogging I will seriously hurl! (Trisha Lesley McCarthy on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Just how old is Helen? Even if she is living at home with her son, what business is it of Pat’s who she’s ‘seeing’? (Wendy Parry Astor on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Actually getting really annoyed at Rob. What about your poor bloody wife you scumbag! ‪#thearchers (@nbmillie on Twitter)

‪#thearchers What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to thread beads... (@verabling on Twitter)

The necklace of lies is going to strangle Helen you mark my words! #theArchers (@jackieschneider on Twitter)


Kathy's grammar triumph ("fewer not less") was highly praised this week. Listeners have suggested she "do a Brenda" and leave Martyn Gibson to his dreaded spreadsheets. But some suspect she’s not up to it. Has she got the guts to walk out?

Hurrah, Kathy! One up on the evil Gibson - grammar queen :) #TheArchers (@Belladax on Twitter)

Tsk, tsk Martyn! Despots in Ambridge never prosper - remember Simon Pemberton... ‪#TheArchers (@easedale on Twitter)  

Kathy's role in life: professional victim. Plus ca change, eh? #TheArchers #TeamNeither (@opheliaknee on Twitter)  

I think I'd sack Cathy [makes evil boss face] ‪#TheArchers (@MarieAnneMcQuay on Twitter)

I just hope she's documenting everything for the tribunal. Or she could just poison the bottle of whisky he keeps topping up his drink from. (Anne Liddon on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Do a Brenda! Go on Kathy!! Do a Brenda! ‪#thearchers (@violacat1 on Twitter)

Martyn clearly want's Kathy to go. She shouldn't give him the satisfaction of provoking a fight. Perhaps she should ferret out why he's being like this. (Colin Milbank on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

‪Please SWs don't mess this one up. We want something very nasty to happen to Martyn. (Sue Woods on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

When is he going to settle that bar tab? (Peter James on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


Is Ray following in Martyn’s footsteps? Listeners think he’ll make some big changes at Grey Gables. But not everyone agrees that they’ll be a bad thing

Ooh. Just switched onto #TheArchers. Lynda and Raymondo! What a treat! (@SueHomeyard on Twitter)

Oh Lyndy, I think you will be getting goosed for lunch #thearchers (@clioclothed on Twitter)

‪#thearchers did Ray graduate from the same 'help yourself' school of hospitality management as Martyn? (@misssmithtweets on Twitter)

He sounds like he managed a holiday camp, not an up market country hotel! (Chaz Legemah on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

I like Ray.  Too soon?  #thearchers (@yeevey on Twitter) 

‪@BBCTheArchers I see Ray in tasseled loafers and a blue blazer with very shiny brass buttons with anchors on them #realclass (@salvatorRosa on Twitter)

I don't think Lynda's fooled, she's just being outwardly pleasant. She'll be keeping a close eye on what Ray's up to, and probably keeping notes. (Susanna Zabulis on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

I think we're all being far too judgmental. Ray might turn out to be a god send for Grey Gables... (Daniel White on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

He'll have turned it into a Berni Inn circa 1978. (Christine Wilson on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


Shula's attempts to help Darrell haven’t gone down well with everyone – and as for calling Kenton "bro"…

God, yuk, God - "Bro". No, no, no, Shula. We're in 21st century now #TheArchers (@lomelindi12 on Twitter)

Just listened to last Friday's The Archers and glad to hear Shula a bit more, but just cannot get my head round staid Shula greeting Kenton with " Morning Bro' " - what next? Standards are slipping! (PHU on The Archers blog)

Bloody St. Shula - you're there for your own ego, not for Darrell. Give him practical help or jog on. ‪#thearchers (@MagneticFlea on Twitter)  

Good heavens, Shula shaken to the core to discover existence of poor people. #LadyBountiful  ‪#thearchers (@AnneLayzell1 on Twitter)

Tonight I thought, here we go again Mrs-No-idea-of the-real-world-Hebden-Lloyd when Shula started by asking Darryl if he was volunteering at the homeless centre, but no, she came up with the goods, and demonstrated real, practical concern. Not sure where it will lead, though... (Pauline Stroud on Archers Addicts Facebook page)


Over in Ambridge Extra listeners are beginning to work out who’s on who’s side – but will Brenda, Lilian and Matt ever make it back to Ambridge?

‪#ambridgeextra Heavens above Lillian how stupid are you? It really is turning into Spooks (@maidinthenorth on Twitter

‪#AmbridgeExtra is getting really gripping now! ‪@BBCTheArchers ‪#thearchers (@TheBloopster on Twitter)

I can't decide whether I want Matt to get his dodgy money back or not. ‪#AmbridgeExtra (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)

Wonder is there going to be a major blood bath? ‪#Ambridgeextra (@torie667 on Twitter)

Am listening, only to keep up with you lot. Haven't a clue what is going on. Don't think Dmitry is the real deal.......he's too good to be true!!! (Linda Bryson on Archers Addicts Facebook page)

Well even if it turns out Brenda has been scammed at least she had a fun break (Gillian Corrigan on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

I'm guessing Lillian has prevented Matt being killed with a poisonous umbrella or radiation, by losing his only bit of evidence ... shame! (Paul Rosen on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Lillian! Will she get kidnapped?! (Sandra Greenhow on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Lilian the new Mata Hari in #AmbridgeExtra just what Matt needs (@munstermaid on Twitter)


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