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'Brian's right - life's too short' - listener discussions to 27 February 2013

Monday 4 March 2013, 09:49

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell

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Post from @TheVintageYear on Twitter Post from @TheVintageYear on Twitter

Should Alice go to Canada? There’s been some debate over whether Chris is holding her back. Whatever they decide, listeners think it’s time Jennifer and Susan let their children "lead their own lives".

 As Lilian and Paul settle in to their new love nest, many say they’ve switched sides. It’s now Matt they feel sorry for.

When it comes to Lynda’s llama drama, she’s accused of acting like a "townie".

And there’s a resounding “GROW UP!” aimed at young Pip.   


Here's my pick of online listener discussions between 21-27 February 2013.


Trouble is brewing for Chris and Alice. Whilst many listeners think she’s been underhand in not discussing the job with Chris, perhaps Brian was right - there is life outside Ambridge… 

There's nothing wrong with the idea itself, but it's outrageous how she's gone about it! #thearchers (@feistyoatcake on Twitter 

My gosh, did they think Alice was going to be an aerospace engineer and never leave home? She's got brains. Let her use them! (@RadioAmbridge on Twitter  

Alice precisely illustrates the prob with today's grads: sense of entitlement without having proved their capabilities. #thearchers (@Blonde_M on Twitter   

Why does Alice feel the need to move away to get the "dream" life she desperately wants to have. Chris has made such a good foundation for them in Ambridge. I would hate for their marriage to fail or their move to Canada fail :( (LucyLu on Archers Addicts forum  

Will someone please buy Alice the ticket and shove her off to Canada? I am sick of all the whining and whinging. (rupertsmum on Archers Addicts forum

I can't help thinking that people would react differently if it were Chris who had this amazing opportunity in Canada and Alice who wanted to stay in Ambridge. (Anne Liddon on The Archers Facebook page)

 Don't you think she's regretting that impulse to marry so early? If she wasn't married to Chris, she could go anywhere and make the most of her degrees. (Jenny Emerson The Archers Facebook page

Brian's right. Hate to say it but........ life's too short. #TheArchers (@FreekHedd on Twitter   


There was a bit of an atmosphere in the village shop as Susan blamed Jennifer for Alice’s dreams of a life outside Ambridge - but listeners say it's time to let go

#thearchers Susan astonished to learn that Jennifer once had a maternal instinct or two. (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter   

Hit her with one of your roulades, Jenny! Go! #thearchers (@modicana on Twitter    

What is wrong with Susan and Jennifer that they won’t let their children lead their own lives? It’s the 21st Century! #thearchers (@Annette1Hardy on Twitter  

#TheArchers Vancoovvvver, it's on the moon right? (@janeskinner2 on Twitter    

It's a well-known fact that none of the Carters ever leave the confines of Ambridge without having an attack of vertigo #thearchers (@boorach2 on Twitter  

Canada: Moose - Ambridge: Llamas
Canada: Wide Open Spaces - Ambridge: Village Green
Vancouver: Mega shopping - Borchester: Underwoods
Vancouver: Thriving Arts Scene - Ambridge: Lynda's Christmas Ents.
Canada: Opportunities - UK: Tea Making Grad Schemes
I'll miss Alice when she goes - I'm willing to bet she does, even without Christofurr.
(Vivian Oldaker on The Archers Facebook page

If Susan was my mother-in-law I'd be SWIMMING to Canada. #thearchers (@Firehorse_on_SL on Twitter   


As Lilian and Paul look over their love nest, some listeners wish Lilian would make her choice and end the secrecy; others are looking forward to the inevitable "explosion"…

Lilian!!! (Chris Sutton on The Archers Facebook page

@BBCTheArchers Not keen on #lovenest story. Paul is going to sink his claws into Lilian and there'll be apocalyptic scenes over much gin! (@colmhumphries on Twitter  

Can you please warn us when Lillian and Paul are going to be together #TheArchers eugh! (@JohnBenauster on Twitter  

I love and also hate it. Am really looking forward to the showdown. (Keith Rawlings on Archers Addicts Facebook group 

 Matt must be deaf and blind Lillian is behaving in the typical way of people having an affair. (Linda Hughes on The Archers Facebook page) 

I'm on the edge of my armchair and comfy slippers waiting for the Matt - Lilian - Paul affair to explode..#TooMuchExcitement (@MsEmentor on Twitter


Is Lynda acting like a "townie" after the loss of Wolfgang? Robert comes in for some praise after trying to talk her into telling David about the possibility that the llama died of TB

Robert really is the Lynda whisperer #TheArchers (@iolantherosa on Twitter)

 I hope this gives Lynda some perspective. And perhaps some insight into David's world. (Darcy Jorgensen Adams on The Archers Facebook page)

 Is this one of those Min of Ag public information storylines? Is there a wave of unexplained llama deaths sweeping the country? #thearchers (@jane_ide on Twitter  

That sound you can hear is the Ambridge badgers packing their suitcases before they get blamed for the llama TB. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter  


After Ed’s qualms about buying the tractor for a song, some wonder if he really is Eddie’s son?

Ed has a conscience? #thearchers (@Dark_Blue_Box on Twitter 

Buy the tractor, do it up, sell it on, use money for shearing business. It's a plan! Except it's Ed #fail #thearchrers (@redbookish on Twitter  

Ooh Jazzer, the things people do to enhance their career. I suppose he is only taking a leaf out of the supermarkets books. Pay low and sell high. (Lynda Everington on The Archers Facebook page


And finally, Pip has had almost everyone shouting at the radio – grrr!

Pip is having a late adolescence, David and Ruth are discovering that they should have agreed rules, even for a twenty year old. (George Taylor Archers Addicts Facebook group

But she is also their "employee" If anyone else swanned off on a trip without running it by the boss they would have no job To come back to.... (Gillian Corrigan on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

 Pip, you'll only get treated like an adult when you stop behaving like a child #thearchers (@louiseboltin on Twitter

Am listening to The Archers and shouting at Pip 'grow up' Should I be that involved in a radio soap? (@Girlandlurchers on Twitter  


Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers Facebook page and @BBCTheArchers on Twitter.

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