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"You GO GIRL!" - Listener discussions from 24 to 27 Feb 2011

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Friday's episode got everyone talking - as one poster put it, "That was more like it - Matt caught going behind Lil's back, Lil tearing him off a strip. Emma's jealousy. Radio [Susan Carter] and Emma speculating on David's letter about the inquest" (typewrite). There was also more despair on the message board at Helen and Henry Archer and support for a beleaguered Ruth Archer!

Here's my pick of listener discussions on the message board and Twitter between Thursday 24 and Sunday 27 February 2011...

"What about YOUR WIFE, David?" (mountetna2). With the inquest looming and Ruth Archer just about coping without her husband on the farm, some wonder if a Ruth/David divorce is on the cards?

#thearchers - David Archer - don't be a doormat! (@Fearlessguider on Twitter)

Although I have never liked Ruth I now find her attitude to Elizabeth absolutely despicable. How can she be so selfish and self centred and clearly resent every minute that David spends with his newly widowed sister. (Mrsdielle)

Shortly it will be two months of full-time (at least) support from David to Elizabeth... it's just as well Ruth speaks up. So far she's had 12 roses, one hug, and possibly a tin of shortbread from Scotland to show for it. (LarryLambLeeds)

I wonder if Ruth finds it hard to say her piece because she doesn't really like Elizabeth. Possibly the feeling is mutual... Suspect the inheritance rumpus lingers like a volcano ready to explode. Hope so anyway! I am so nasty! (GreenBrownBear)

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Lilian's Bellamy's fury at Matt Crawford on Friday had many cheering on Twitter and the message board.

I enjoyed this episode too especially the fabulous Lilian telling Matt where he gets off! You GO GIRL!! (Furious Scarlett)

Hehehe! Matt on the wrong end of Lillian's tongue! He really does live dangerously!! Lillian is great when fired up! #thearchers #archers (@sweynh on Twitter)

And after Emma Grundy admitted to reading David's post, most think she is turning out to be just like her mother...

Like mother like daughter... See Ed you should have stayed with Fallon....... (esmeandsebastiansgrannynic)

Best bit of dialogue we've had in months: Soosan " You shouldn't have read it though............. what did it say?" Classic. (TheRealSportyGirl)

Follow the discussions on the That was more like it and Radio 2? threads.

Whilst Clarrie Grundy comes in for some stick for playing Emma off against Will's "goody two-shoes" girlfriend Nic Hanson, Emma is criticised for being self-centred. Emerald O'Hanrahan (who plays Emma) has been praised for her acting - as someone put it, she is "fitting into the part seamlessly now".

Emma is perfectly well-balanced. An ENORMOUS chip on each shoulder #thearchers (@dransfim on Twitter)

Clarrie's 'little treasure' speech - it was brilliant, wasn't it? - leads me to believe she is comparing the two women without considering their different circumstances. I'm trying to be fair, but I don't want Clarrie to suddenly start seeing Emma's point of view. How dull that would be! (JustJanie - jogging through the Snow)

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It seems that little Henry Archer is making some reach for the off switch. Poor Kirsty Miller got plenty of sympathy on Sunday after she was left holding the baby...

... And her Mr magical cootchee wootchee babe in his "Moses Basket". I am sick to death with hearing about that bluddy thing. (Ms Mumbo-Jumbo)

Helen's transformation is really getting on my wick, her saintly tolerance is not working for me or even ringing true. C'mon, does this really happen? ... And shut the heck up Henry, Shut up. (Basia)

I know there's been a lot of complaints about excessive baby worship on TA recently (which I agree with), but last night's episode was different. Kirsty wasn't doing much worshipping, and Helen seemed to me to add evidence to my suspicion that she has converted her obsession with her weight and the cleanliness of her flat to an obsession with her son. (flameofthewest)

Take your pick of the many Helen and Henry threads on the message board:
Every day in every way I hate her more and more
The way Helen talks to Henry
Baby bore
She's made her bed, and she can lie in it...

Alternatively, if you're a fan of Henry, sign up to the Friends Of Ickle Henry (FOIH) group.

And finally, there's a long thread about the book club where, among other things, they discuss what kind of reader the characters might be.

I'd put Ruth in the 'just too busy' group. I see Helen as more of a 'self improvement' reader rather than a murder mystery type person. (Nelson_G)

One suspects that the latest bonk-buster is more Emma's literary diet than some posh book "everyone is talking about". (returnimmigration)

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Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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