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"Cancel that Albion kitchen! Brian's got the push" – Listener discussions to April 9 2014

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As Heather and Jill warmed listeners’ hearts with their marmalade chat, discussions got a little more heated when it came to Shula and her response to Dan’s news.

The atmosphere was altogether chillier in the Borchester Land boardroom as Brian was ousted. Brian won sympathy from some but by no means all listeners. Meanwhile, Ambridge residents’ table manners in recent episodes got a particularly icy reception.

Here’s my pick of the listener discussions between 3 and 9 April.


Heather received a warm welcome back to Ambridge from most listeners – particularly during the scene when she and Jill bonded over marmalade.

Good to hear Heather Pet back on #TheArchers (@Paul237 on Twitter)

Complimenting Heather's marmalade, huge step Jill #thearchers (@gnome_alice on Twitter)

Heather is too nice not to wish the best for Jill, but she has always been a bit jealous of Jill. Now I think she is hinting at being near her family i.e. Ruth, herself. (Sue Woods on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

I love the mams trying to out-mam each other on #TheArchers (@MagneticFlea on Twitter)

I wondered if we were building up to them moving into one of the cottages together, but Heather made a point of having so many good friends in Prudhoe. I think there would be tension even without Phil's championing of Heather's three fruit marmalade. Although Jill sounded very genuine in her compliment. (Bridget Buchan on Archers Addicts Facebook group)


As Dan broke his big news to his family, listeners were keen to say their piece about Shula’s attitude.

What should Shula do? Stop manipulating and let Dan follow his own path. (Louise Bolotin on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Listen to the lad you silly people.  Give your views, but support him. #TheArchers (@40lucyjordan on Twitter)

Being ex-military and with a military family and friends - and job - I find her attitude a little offensive. There is more to the Army than being in the line of fire, for goodness sake, Shula - experiences, education, personal development, learning a trade, good pension . . . . the list is endless. (Tina Cullen on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

why does Shula have to see everything as a struggle ? I wouldn't have told her either (Eileen Beesley on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Living with Shula and alistair would make me want to join the Foreign legion #TheArchers (@orlandowalden on Twitter)

Suck it up, Shula. At least the kid has solid goals. Good for him. Plus, won't Sandhurst give him a solid educational grounding? (Alice Hazelgrove on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


Some had a bit more sympathy for Shula, however – even if they didn’t always entirely agree with her approach.

She is s mother worrying about her son in my book that is normal. (Rosalyn Benjamin on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

I assume that all those criticising Shula would be utterly delighted if their child joined the army? With not a moment's worry? #thearchers (@MsPerson on Twitter)

I think Dan has come back from America. a completely different person, he now sounds more aggressive, unfriendly, aloof, to Shula, and Alistair. If he wanted to work outside, why did he not decide to train as a Vet, He is used to horses, and animals. (greyscorpio on The Archers blog)

I'm not a parent, but the thought of a child of mine enlisting is terrifying. The parents of military personnel have a very hard thing to cope with, but the choice is for the young people to make, and they should be respected. (Helen Howick on Archers Addicts Facebook page)


As battle commenced in the Borchester Land boardroom there was a mixture of support and schadenfreude for Brian.

@BBCTheArchers OMG.For once I feel sorry for Brian ! (@sonicsusie on Twitter)

It seems there are business bullies worse than he is. For once he's the little guy. Go Brian Go! (Suse Coon on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Annabel is a money grabbing so and so. Poor Brian! Maybe she should date Rob. (Ayesha Jonuschat on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

So here we are with Brian being outwitted by the reportedly lovely Annabel - it was only a matter of time. Such fun. (Lizzie Hayes on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

Poor old Brian. It isn't like he'd a capitalist himself or anything, Those who dish it out deserve to take it #thearchers (@jameswjacobs on Twitter)

Woooooo I've waited so many years for the cheating Brian to get a bit of his come uppance ! #TheArchers (@northdevontwit on Twitter)

Cancel that Albion kitchen!  Brian's got the push.  #thearchers (@SpaceMonkey351 on Twitter)


As Brian met his fate, the similarity between his and a certain squirrel’s predicament definitely wasn’t lost on listeners.

Brilliant writing on the Archers tonight in which Brian is compared with a squirrel being dispatched in a trap. #TheArchers (@dixewills on Twitter)

Love the parallel storylines of Brian being dispatched from the board about as humanely as Will's victim. #TheArchers (@HemingwayDM on Twitter)

Brian a tragic hero toppled like Ozymandias. Truly Shakespearean. 'Look on my works ye mighty & despair.' Not any more. #thearchers (@Felpercathedral on Twitter)

@mkcloughie CLUNK, der, was that a metaphor? #Sledgehammer #TheArchers (@AndromP on Twitter)

Well that all felt a bit creepy. Will killing squirrels and nasty big businessmen. (Penny Hassack on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


Meanwhile, as Jennifer joined the "eatytalky" club, some listeners reached the end of their tether with the Ambridge approach to table manners.

Why does everyone in Ambridge eat so noisily? (Claire Entwistle on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

They drink noisily too! I made a similar comment after a particularly loud episode when Kirsty was inhaling wine as if she'd just crossed a desert. (Cathy Bowden on Archers Addicts Facebook group)

Oh for crying out loud, does nobody on #thearchers do anything but eat? #sickofit (@FifiFanshawe on Twitter)

Now Jenny Darling's doing #eatytalky - and this from a woman who uses napkins. Is nothing sacred? #thearchers (@tweetalansmith on Twitter)


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