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Ask Anthea

Super-temp Anthea Jennings has certainly made her mark at Lilian’s company Amside Property Services. With her no-nonsense, methodical approach, she’s been solving problems left, right and centre.

So who better to give advice to some of Borsetshire’s more troubled residents in this, the first of an occasional series?


Dear Anthea,

I have a friend – well, more of an acquaintance – who has fallen on hard times. Recently, he has even resorted to sleeping rough. As a Christian, I’ve tried to help him as best I can but he is a proud man and it is difficult to get him to accept our good-intentioned offers of assistance. What can I do?


Dear Stablegirl,

I think you need to take a hard look at yourself and decide why you want to interfere in this man’s life. Are you trying to impress an authority figure, or perhaps compensate for a recent change in family circumstances? In my experience, well-meaning amateurs can often do more harm than good. Unfortunates like this are usually best left to the proper authorities. To get involved with them can often spread the misery, not reduce it. Leave well alone.

Dear Anthea,

I used to be very happy in my job, but my new boss constantly finds fault with what I do. It’s got to the stage where I am doubting my abilities and dreading going to work each day. How can I break out of this cycle of bullying?


Dear Less-Than-Perky,

Are you sure that you are in fact as capable as you thought you were? Perhaps your new boss is right to question your abilities. In my extensive working experience, I have encountered many mediocre performers, who often have an inflated option of their own capabilities. You may be one of them. Hope that helps!

Dear Anthea,

I am in a relationship with the most wonderful man in the world. He’s kind, thoughtful, incredibly handsome, successful in his career and, er, bedroom relations are the best I’ve ever had. There’s just one tiny snag and that’s that he’s married – although they are living apart and he only sees her occasionally. How can I get him to commit to me fully? We are deeply in love, and he is even fond of my little boy.


Dear Lovestruck,

They always go back to their wives. Get out now.


Anthea was giving dictation to Archers scriptwriter and web producer Keri Davies




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