"Every family needs a Jill" - Listener discussions from 14 - 16 March 2011

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Elizabeth Pargetter's indecision about having an ICD [Implantable Cardio Defibrillator] fitted has had many shouting at the radio. There were congratulations for Eddie Grundy after his win at the races and tears and fears after Freddie and Lily Pargetter's cake-making session with grandma Jill - and could more have been made of Brian Aldridge smoking out the mole at Borchester Land? Plus we've had plenty of discussion about the new Ambridge Extra programme planned for Radio 4 Extra...

Here's my pick of listener discussions between 14th and 16th March on the message board, Twitter and Facebook.

Why was Elizabeth dithering over the ICD implant? And were David Archer's attempts to persuade his sister to go ahead with the operation for purely altruistic reasons?

Think of your children, you silly moo. (Damson)

Stupid, stupid, woman. My own pacemaker must have been doing overtime last night, I was so angry with her. Why isn't anybody telling her straight that she's being unreasonable? (Blue-sky-two)

David needs to lighten up, she only just found out about it, give her a day or two before you start insisting to others they bully her into it when she hasn't even said no yet, jeez, just a couple of days to get her head round the idea, that's all. (Jigje)

Get it out of your system on the For heaven's sake, Elizabeth! thread on the message board

Brian's trap for Borchester Land's mole was enjoyed, but some felt that the story had more potential...

Lillian should have been made to wriggle more; Annabelle to interrogate her lightly; Brine's visit to Andrew Smith's office a real man to man confrontation, with no punches pulled. (The devil wears Burberry)

I can almost hear Brian twirling his moustache! (MMP)

I am surprised that Brian hasn't 'turned' him into a double agent in order to do Matt down. (Jacks Parakeet)

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Twitter joined Eddie to celebrate his birthday and race winnings...

#thearchers "Mines a Pint" wins at 20-1 for Eddie !! (@JamesDMcConnell on Twitter)

#Thearchers Good old Clarrie, came up trumps again - she's a smasher (@annsusanballard on Twitter)

Hurrah! A happy ending in #thearchers for once. A win richly deserved for @eddie_grundy. Hope he buys Clarrie something nice. (@MrInch/status on Twitter)

Jill's lemon drizzle cakes made many hungry and some were moved by Freddy's plight. On the message board some thought that Lily was ominously enthusiastic about the use of the skewer...

If I were Freddy Lily's face would have tested the sponge (sunnyakasonnycitizen)

It was the relish of Lily that alarmed me. Freddy is a little too biddable and will be in thrall to the whims of his evil sister who will always be able to produce an alibi when suspicions lead to the unmarried siblings of Lolo [Lower Loxley]. (Dr Toad Leg)

oh dear am crying over #thearchers saddo that I am :-/ (@JaneWenhamJones on Twitter)

Every family needs a Jill #thearchers (@SeemaKennedy on Twitter)

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Over in Fantasy Archers The Drama Queen British Championship Finals live has been delighting the crowds with Helen Archer and Elizabeth Paregetter vying for the title. Visit the thread to find out who wins this prestigious title (as seen by Vicky S)...

The announcement of Ambridge Extra has started a huge and ongoing discussion. Many are delighted but for some, the main concern is that it may divert time, energy and budget away from the main programme. The other concern is about listening...

This could be disastrous for my productivity (@ruththevet on Twitter)

There will now be first-class listeners (get all the extra bits...) and second-class listeners (the poor things who happen to be at work when the extra bits are on, and don't have a digital radio). We, here, know we have the option of Computerised Listening, but many people don't. (Chris Ghoti)

Well I for one am looking forward to this. Spin off series are always tricky, but this is a clever idea, especially using the 'silent' characters... The first week in April is going to be a good one I think! (Andy on the blog)

Please let the new programme open with Freda Fry, she's waited years for a chance to be heard. (MrsMiggins)

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