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'Too late Tom, just too late' - listener discussions to 27 March 2013

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Listeners offer advice to “stuck in their ways” Pat and Tony as well as “tactless Tom” over Bridge Farm’s future. But when it comes to Tom’s relationship with Brenda, most think it’s all over.

Pip is inducing more shouting at the radio, and Elona needs to be more supportive of her husband.

And listeners are looking for a bit of light relief amongst the gloom in Ambridge.

Here’s my pick of online listener discussions between 21 and 27 March 2013.


As the battle for Bridge Farm heats up, “heartless Tom” is thought to be riding roughshod over everything his parents worked hard to achieve. However some think Pat and Tony are acting like “useless hippies”. Perhaps it’s time for them to step back and let Tom bring the farm up to date?

"Progress!" That's what the pigs in Animal Farm said, Tom. Didn't turn out well....#TheArchers (@lomelindi12 on Twitter 

Does Tom want to save the farm? Isn't it doing Ok? They've built up a good organic dairy business. Tom wants to turn it into pork ready meals. At what point does being experienced turn into old fashioned? (Christine Wilson on BBC The Archers Facebook page

Tom can do what he likes with the farm when he's paid Pat & Tony back that mortgage they took out to buy it for him. #thearchers (@Girlonatrain on Twitter 

Go on Tom, sell EVERYTHING your parents worked for and turn the family into #SAUSAGES! #thearchers (@LucyLyons on Twitter 

Pat and Tony are so stuck in their ways. I could understand the organic side being non-negotiable but they remind me of the old joke. Struggling farmer asked "what would you do if you were given a million pounds?" - answer "probably just keep on farming til it runs out." Farming is a business and the idea is to make money, although not at the expense of animal welfare or the environment. (Elizabeth Sharpe on BBC The Archers Facebook page

He's immature and tactless and I can't stand him but he works hard and has to coax Pat and Tony out of their 1970's mindset (@Ricketychyck on Twitter)  

Moany & Pat talk 30 years of emotional attachment rather than business #thearchers  (@Dark_Blue_Box on Twitter

Poor Pat and Tony, so worn down that they are no longer able to look for a solution that fits their ethos. Why not look into once a day milking? Keep calves with the cows longer for high welfare and the reduced stress will cut cost of inputs too (DCASTLE on The Archers blog


Tom might be motoring ahead with his ideas for the business, but when it comes to Brenda, listeners think he’s just not cut out for this relationship lark.  And as Brenda gives him the cold shoulder, some are experiencing a wholly new sensation: sympathy for Tom.

Tom's gonna spend the afternoon on his powerpoint presentation, once he's looked up "fun" on Wikipedia. #thearchers (@woolminer on Twitter 

"I'll surprise you". Three of the most ominous words ever spoken on radio. #TheArchers (@annemariewyley on Twitter 

#thearchers Too late, Tom, just too late. It's all over. (@languedoclinda on Twitter 

Brenda's really unhappy. Where will she live if she leaves Tom? There is the small case of her room in Willow farm now Bethany's #TheArchers (@Victoriavivace on Twitter  

I know I am in the minority, but good for him. Brenda makes some good points, but Tom isn't all bad and the way things have been going I'd say he's well out of it... (I'll now put my tin hat on!) (Marc Ng  on BBC The Archers Facebook page

I am very worried...I am actually starting to feel sorry for Tom! What is happening to the world? #thearchers @BBCTheArchers #confused (@costlytrinket on Twitter) 


Young Pip Archer is making some listeners a bit shouty, but her situation is also bringing back memories

Are depressed students still listening to The Smiths? As a depressed student from the time, I'm delighted! #thearchers (@thisisrig on Twitter  

@BBCTheArchers Poignant words from David this evening: 'You've changed'. I remember my Dad saying the exact phrase to me. Memories......... (@jco0872 on Twitter  

I really dislike Pip. Stop being so wingey. "Wah wah dad told me off wah wah muuuuum I haven't changed have I?" OH SHUT UP PIP #thearchers (@Heidi_BT on Twitter 

Maybe farming isn't for Pip after all. #thearchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter 


Is Elona driving Darrell to drink? Confiding in Neil was seen as a bit of a mistake. How long before Darrell’s shady past is broadcast round the village?

Elona wake up and smell the coffee. Throw him to the dogs #thearchers (@shimmy41a on Twitter  

No wonder Darrell went out and got hammered having Elona whine on like a wounded puppy. The bloke is trying to find work for goodness sake. She as good as tutted at his leaflet efforts. (Stephen Āh Burroughs  on BBC The Archers Facebook page

So where DID she think he was going to get all the money she demanded? Poor chap can't do right for trying and of course now we are supposed to believe he is the bad guy and she, the injured victim. Oh purl-ease! (Pam Tonothy  on Archers Addicts Facebook group

I think she's genuinely at the end of her tether and wanted to talk to someone - unfortunately as she is relatively new to the village, she didn't instantly realise the implications of revealing all to the husband of Radio Carter!!! (Michelle Jacobs  on BBC The Archers Facebook page


A few listeners are hoping there will soon be some light relief in The Archers. But there is one person who’s spreading some happiness…

I want a nice happy story on The Archers - even a lamb and its mother died!! Where is the sunshine and feeling of good will in these story lines?? Can ANYONE tell me a current good story line at the moment? (Anne Thompson on BBC The Archers Facebook page

Yet another man in a coma; Darrell breaks the law AGAIN, Tom and his family are at loggerheads, Brenda's unhappy with work and boyfriend, Pip's reverted to her former spoiled behaviour and even young Henry's testing his mother's patience. Is anybody happy?  (louiselyd on Archers Addicts forum

At least there's one person in Ambridge who's happy. Good ol' Vickoi. @BBCTheArchers (@Owain_ on Twitter 

Love Vicky now. Has made the same transition in my heart as Linda #thearchers (@PlaceFarm on Twitter 

Vicky has turned out to be a great character. #thearchers (@Neiley83 on Twitter  


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