Dozen red roses


Christopher Carter

Life is sweet


Rob Titchener

Settling in


Josh Archer

Passed his hen probation



Patch of weeds


Alice Carter

Is that all there is?


Clarrie Grundy

Keeping the peace


Paul Morgan

An all-too-brief encounter


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Keri Davies is an Archers (and Ambridge Extra) scriptwriter and web producer.


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  • Comment number 54. Posted by Dublin Dolly

    on 2 minutes ago

    Usga. = Usha. = absent Landlord!

    My personal Dictionary doesn't work any more,has memory problems,just like myself!

    I really don't like using initials,but for eg, I would have to type in FergusandM before it suggests the complete name for me,so it's easier to use initials!

    Mary,you said before you didn't mind me still calling you that as I really don't like calling you tlv and it takes too long to type it out in full!

    Same for H Man!

    Now,Tolly,you're OK with a short name,as are Minty and Usha!

  • Comment number 53. Posted by Tolly

    on 7 minutes ago

    50 - " Usga" on the Lenten blog! tut tut
    see you're back on the hard stuff fluffy :))
    and don't tell me it's for 'medicinal' purposes that just won't work wabbit!

  • Comment number 52. Posted by K2tog

    on 10 minutes ago

    Hants Man: no, I don't mind 'Archerphile' at all, quite flattered you remembered it in fact. Might even go back to using it instead of K2tog!

    DD: watched Shetland again tonight, my goodness, the plot is getting very complicated isn't it? But I'm sure this story is not written by Ann Cleeves herself, they are just using her characters. I think all her Shetland books have now been dramatised ( except the latest which I have just read)

    Oh, poor little Horrid Henwy, what's his Daddy and nasty Granny Ursula going to do to him? He and his Mummy are going to have a wretched half term I'm afraid.

    I can hardly bear to listen next week, but know I shan't be able to resist.

  • Comment number 51. Posted by Tolly

    on 11 minutes ago

    49 - Aw gawd! Didn't see you there tlv - there's me 'confessing' to poor attendance!

  • Comment number 50. Posted by Dublin Dolly

    on 11 minutes ago

    Yes,with cloves,slice of lemon also,as I said,purely to soothe my throat,I will take no pleasure in it!
    Have left messages for you and Usga on the Lenten blog!

    Glad your girls enjoy the pancakes, I'm afraid I had to buy a packet, had them with lemon and honey!

    Years ago,we used to make funny Val cards,eg,cutting funny pics out of mags and glueing them onto white cardboard,folded to make a card!

    Watched the first episode of Dr Foster,brilliant,only four more to go!

  • Comment number 49. Posted by theladyvicar

    on 15 minutes ago

    Minty, I respect your standpoint. I wasn't making a judgement.

  • Comment number 48. Posted by Tolly

    on 17 minutes ago

    40. - Minty, so well expressed.
    Did you mean re "a problem with faith" in the sense of organised religion (if that is what you meant?) then I understand. In all honesty, these days my posterior rarely kisses an actual pew, and yet, I still find it comforting to know that (when I want/need it) the church is there...

  • Comment number 47. Posted by FergusandMillie

    on 25 minutes ago

    DD - Hot port - is that that like a hot toddy with port replacing the whisky, sounds more smooth and soothing i must say. Bit early for me!

  • Comment number 46. Posted by Dublin Dolly

    on 29 minutes ago

    Thanks,44, TLJ,
    I thought perhaps you were answering someone called Keri who had posted on one of the other blogs!
    Well,maybe the Dragon Mother will stay at Grey Gables and just do her duties as 'prison officer' during the day when the Dragon is at work!
    It might be beneath her to stay in such a small cottage!

  • Comment number 45. Posted by Dublin Dolly

    on 34 minutes ago

    Good Morning F&M,
    Chip butties! Nice!

    I'm still on THE LIST,along with Tolly and H Man!

    Well,this just isn't good enough! Usha opens up this Establishment,then swans off to a FISH FRY(prob with Bert Fry!), leaving us all to fend for ourselves!
    I'm still waiting for my white wine,ray and PROPER CHIPS with salt and vinegar, but no bar staff to be seen!

    Think I'll just have to settle for a hot port,purely for medicinal purposes,for my sore throat!

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