"Pat: what you're planning will get you arrested" - listener discussions to 14 December 2011

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Most conversations are still focused on Pat Archer and her Rich fixation. Listeners are worried for her mental health and for Rich's safety! There's some sympathy for Neil, and debate over why Will and Nic invited Ed and Emma to their wedding. And a Radio 4 continuity announcer drops by the message board.

Over in Ambridge Extra, Alistair is taken to task for keeping schtum about Erin.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 8-14 December 2011.

On Thursday, listeners celebrated the switch on of the Ambridge Christmas lights, and sympathised with Neil over his exasperation about his in-laws - particularly after his comment that "most of my pigs" were better company than the Horrobin men...

It was the big Christmas lights switch on in Ambridge tonight. My excuse for a mulled wine then #thearchers (@Deblord1 on Twitter)

Gary must be a pretty impressive character. Previously described by Brine as "the missing link" and now compared to Neil's pigs. (NotsoTinyTim)

Let's hope Neil can follow it up with the timely eviction of the Tracy tribe before they become permanent parasites. (mountetna2)

Read more in the So are most of my pigs!!! thread on the message board.

"Poor", "creepy", "stalker" Pat... Tony's call to Eamonn on Tuesday and Pat's heart-to-heart with Kathy on Wednesday have unsettled many listeners - is Pat heading for a breakdown? Most think Kathy should tell Tony what Pat is planning...

#thearchers has reduced me to a flood of tears. Pat and Tony's lives have changed for ever - OMG! Wait till Helen finds out!!!!! (@easedale on Twitter)

I am getting really ticked off with Pat Archer. (Joanna Oldham on Facebook)

I just hope they resolve this whole SL soon. Personally, I don't find the spectacle of someone falling to bits, as Pat is, remotely entertaining. (peter-francis)

This storyline is unfurling too quickly for my liking. There is no time for reflection and I feel very worried about the gathering momentum... Poor Pat. I can understand her desire to stand at the school gate. I do hope Kathy can reason with her. Kathy sounded so warm and kind this evening. She really impressed me. (Mistletoe-denny)

I would say that Pat is definitely doing herself harm. Why Tony hasn't at least got her to her local GP, & pronto, is beyond me. (RS Acre)

Pat: what you're planning will get you arrested #thearchers (@chrisgubble on Twitter)

Reinventing yourself as the victim is clearly a family failing. Pat is currently doing it in spades, Tom has egocentric stabs at it and for Helen it's a lifestyle choice. And Tony plays doormat to all of them. Where are some sharp put-downs from Peggy when you need them? (returnmigration)

Pat has gradually become harder, less trusting and more brittle... much of it is a protective shell IMO... Indeed they weren't that bad to Sharon by my recollection and Sharon could be awful.... even at the end it was more frost than anything direct... and they were shattered and Pat especially at the grieving stage that is angry and oh illogical... (ruralsnowflakebliss)

I will only feel sorry for Pat if she stops for a single second to think about Rich's best interests, not her own (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

Catch up on the debate in the numerous threads on the message board: I feel sorry for Pat; Pat the stalker and Time to apply for a Restraining Order.

Should Will and Nic have invited Ed and Emma to their wedding? Some think not... And will the stag night turn out to be a bit tame?

Will Grundy's stag night. All the thrills & spills of an Amish Christening. #thearchers

(@flamingnora on Twitter)

What are Nic and Will doing inviting Ed and Emma to their wedding? Surely they remember their shared history and only want people at their celebration who wish them well. (El Shambo)

Should be good for a kerfuffle at the reception anyway. (Bouncingfairyonthetree)

Maybe they intend to have Wiwl and Ed kiss and make up all emotional like, at the wedding, seeing as they've passed the 'not speaking to my sibling' hatred onto Lizzie and Dopey! (toffee)

Join the debate on the Ed and Emma at the wedding? thread and the Felphersham Tandoori threads.

Radio 4 continuity announcer Alan Smith dropped by The Archers message board on Sunday night. He promises to pop back on Christmas day...

Do you know, I've just realised I will be bringing you TA at 7pm on Christmas Day itself. I will be here in a party hat... (Alan Smith aka 1eggor2)

Thanks so much for the banner on the roof comment. And you sounded so innocent too! (Freddy Danby Appreciation Society)

I couldn't stop laughing. (Dave H French on Facebook)

Drop in on the discussion with Alan on the message board

In Ambridge Extra, listeners are shocked at Erin and most think Alistair should tell Shula about her pronto

ERIN. Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo. Alistair maybe a vet but he won't be able to save the boiling bunnies! #archers #thearchers#AmbridgeExtra (@TheBloopster on Twitter)

We're certainly seeing (or hearing!) the real Erin now. A bit OTT cos she instantly sounds like a mad stalker, but it certainly gives the impression she might've done this before (toffee)

I can just see psycho Erin taking great pleasure in telling Daniel that his father kissed her and he of course will blurt that out to his mother! (Scarlett Poinsetta)

Holy cows, Alistair and Erin!! I did have a small laugh when she called him fit. And yes Alistair, you should tell Shula. #AmbridgeExtra (@JuneGloom20 on Twitter)

Something tells me that he'll be crashing on the sofa in the Bull's living room sometime before Christmas. (beligerent_londonner101)

Join the Ambridge Extra discussions on the message board.

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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