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Character Invasion - roundup with quiz

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Character Invasion on BBC Radio 4

For one day only on 29 March BBC Radio 4 went a bit ‘weird’. All in the name of Character Invasion ! Meanwhile at the Library of Birmingham, lots of you came to celebrate all things Ambridge.


Here’s a summary of The Archers’ involvement both on-air and at the Library …


The Archers through the decades



Enjoy a round-up of activity by us and fans on Twitter, Facebook and Storify


Have a look at our photo gallery of the day’s events…


Listen to an audio extract of one of the popular Q&As as well as a few vox-pops from appreciative fans


Archers listeners' reaction to Character Invasion Day, Birmingham, 2014



If you weren’t at the Library, you might have heard Lynda Snell’s contribution to Any Answers, and David Archer’s confusion in Open CountryLynda clearly enjoyed her moment on Radio 4 - also crashing the Continuity studio to give some tips on reading the Shipping Forecast.


Here she is putting her point across to Anita Anand on BBC Radio 4's Any Answers...



Lynda Snell gets proactive on Any Answers with Anita Anand.



How much do you know about The Archers? Try our online Archers Quiz


We also gave our Library attendees an introductory quiz, which we’ve published here for you to try. It may be rather easy for some of you die-hards, but for new fans there's some must-have trivia from past and present...


1.    Which farm in Ambridge was the first to go organic?

Find the answer and more here

2.    Who is Rob Titchener’s wife?
(a) Jess (b) Helen (c) Anthea.

Find the answer and more here

3.    Can you name Ambridge’s most famous pub? (answer at the bottom of this post)
Find out more about Ambridge's locations


4.    What terrible event took place on Tom’s 17th birthday?
(a) his brother John died (b) Nigel Pargetter fell off a roof (c) Emma was involved in a car accident.
Find the answer and an audio clip here

5.    Which famous Olympian visited Ambridge in 2014?
Find the answer and more here

6.    What happened to the Grundy family in 2000?
(a) they found a rare number plate (b) they were evicted from Grange Farm
(c) Clarrie ran off with Jean Paul from Grey Gables.
Find the answer and more here

7.    Who is this?... She was born in 1968, comes from Northumberland, nearly ran off with a herdsman, and is a poor cook.
Find the answer and a bit more about them here

8.    Spot the name of a well-known character in these letters.

Find the answer and a bit more about them here

9.    True or False? Brian Aldridge has only had one affair. (Answer at the bottom of this post)

Find out more about Brian's colourful life, from actor Charles Collingwood


10.   What is an Anglo Nubian?
 (a) New England deer (b) Very fierce ferret (c) Goat.

         Find the answer here


Q3 Answer - The Bull

Q9 Answer - False (but can you name the other person/ people Brian has had an affair with?



Andrew Smith is a production co-ordinator for The Archers

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Character Invasion in Birmingham - photo gallery

Listen to an audio extract of one of the popular Q&As 

Listen to vox-pop reactions from Archers fans


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