We asked Victoria Hodson of the Woodland Trust to explain the background to the recent tree-planting in the Millennium Wood.

Following the 10th anniversary picnic celebration of the Aldridge Millennium Wood this August, Ambridge is going green again with the planting of 105 trees provided by the Woodland Trust.

The villagers are among the first 500 communities to receive free trees as part of the Trust's community tree pack scheme.

The UK is currently the least wooded country in Europe with just 11.8%, compared with a
European average of 44%.

Over the coming weeks, organisations such as sports clubs, allotment associations, youth clubs, councils and parishes will all be doing their bit to put trees, copses and hedges back into our towns, cities and villages.

In both urban and rural neighbourhoods, trees can help transform an area by introducing welcome shade, protective shelter, natural screens and wildlife. Trees also help stabilise soil, provide windbreaks for livestock, are a sustainable source of wood fuel and help absorb carbon dioxide.

The Aldridge Millennium Wood, at just over 12 acres in size, would offset the emissions of one for Brian's tractors for just over 60 years.

Victoria Hodson is a project development manager for The Woodland Trust

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    on 22 Nov 2010 17:16

    I'm highly in favour of this, and I am pleased that you are highlighting the issue in The Archers.

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