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"Oh Elizabeth, your heart!" - Listener discussions from 10 - 13 March 2011

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The main topic of conversation everywhere has been Elizabeth Pargetter and her dash to hospital on Friday night. Also under discussion are "revolting" Brian Aldridge, "toadying" Tony Archer and what to call Ed and Emma Grundy's baby...

Here's my pick of listener discussions between 10th and 13th March on the message board, Twitter and Facebook .

Friday's cliffhanger enticed many Omnibus listeners to break with tradition and tune in at 7pm on Sunday.

I hope Lizzie's OK, been worried about her all weekend. Leave us dangling on a Friday #archers (@TonyFisherHandW on Twitter)

and what happened to ELizabeth? less than an hour... (Jean Edwards on Facebook)

Many tweeted their surprise about the turn of events on Friday just as the programme ended.

Oh Elizabeth, your heart! #archers Haven't listened for a while. Am sitting in the car. And poor Freddie, so sad. (@LucySweetman on Twitter)

I can't bear it if David Archer is going to be given more reasons to do his wretchedly guilty voice #archers (@cathharvey on Twitter)

Cor, The Archers was a bit exciting wunnit? (@DanRebellato on Twitter)

And over on the message board...

What's wrong with her: Hysteria and utter selfishness. (Earldunda)

Ooooh - a poorly heart eh? What a stick to beat someone with! And she will. Oh yes, she will! (PollyGlot)

And to think Ruth wanted Lizzie to face reality. David goes back to Brookfield and see what happens! He can never desert her again, can he? (JustJanie - jogging through the Snow)

Send Lizzie your get well wishes on the Elizabeth Pargetter................. thread.

There were mixed feelings about Friday's episode on the message board. Some found it confusing. Others were "gripped".

Is it me? I found most of that episode quite incomprehensible. Why was Jill there so early? Why was Chopper(?) being taken away whilst Lily and Freddie were around? What was all the gasping for breath about? Why was Peggy giving flowers to baby Cheesus [Henry]? (JudithL)

I thought it was quite a good epi. Glad Jill got cross with lillyanfreddie. Felt sorry for Lizzie and am worried about her. I like Lizzie though and I know lots of others don't. V fed up with HelenandHenryandTony though. (theduluxkid)

Get Roy in prontissimo and let's get it settled. (DracsM1)

They seemed to appreciate Jill's firm hand in dealing with Freddy and Lily

It was time for someone to show the children the line in the sand instead of saying 'there, there' and patting them on the head. (Wanda_Ofwandas)
I cheered her all the way. I'd have loved to hear the "little chat" she had with Freddie.....

Brian's chat with Annabelle on Thursday had Twitter talking espionage and the message board parental responsibility.

Counter-espionage on #thearchers! Sleeper cells and dead drops just around the corner. (@jamspangle on Twitter)

come on Brian, it's obvious that it's Annabelle Scrivener that's the mole #thearchers (@lukedriscoll on Twitter)

TREAT to hear Brian in full scheming, gossiping, pretending-to-be-good-dad mode
#archers (@vencut2 on Twitter)

So how will Brian spend his time when the family are all away? Is it a coincidence that Annabel's back? (Springy Fieldpenguin)

He still has a week alone with Ruairi . . . potential for some interesting childcare lapses there surely? (Mild at heart)

What Brian did doesn't surprise me but his smirking explanation to Annabelle was rather revolting. I also felt there was an element of 'I'll show Jenny' about it. Poor Ruari (ermintrude)

Is Brian doing right by his son? Share your views on the Ruairi's going to spend time with.. thread

Peggy Woolley's visit to see Helen and Henry at Bridge Farm was discussed on the message board - some felt more should have been made of Peggy's visit. Before the broadcast, many hoped that Peggy would buck the trend and "object" to her granddaughter's situation...

There needs to be another view on the situation and Peggy is sure to provide it. (Albert)

I am happy for a bit of baby cheerfulness. What I find creepy is Tony's abject toadying to Helen - it's pitiful. I guess fathers are emotional when their daughters have a baby - but are any quite like this? (Botticelliangel)

Read more: So nobody objects to Helen and her baby? Where is Peggy?

They're thinking up baby names for Ed and Emma in an ongoing message board thread with plenty of suggestions. Should they go for a double-barrelled Carter-Grundy surname?

Cider Grundy (boy or girl). It can have holidays with Rosie... (Botticelliangel)

Help Ed and Emma Name the Grundy baby

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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