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"Maybe they're mocking his tassled loafers behind his back" - listener discussions to 25 January 2012

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Home Farm is in trouble this week, as Brian's charm offensive has fallen flat. Most listeners think his plans for the mega-dairy should be shelved and Adam's warned to watch his back after his views about the dairy were broadcast on Radio Borchester.

Jennifer's trip to the community shop had some wondering if Susan was being malicious in passing on village gossip about Brian.

Then there's Tracy Horrobin - a "breath of fresh air" in Ambridge. But is she after Susan's "prince"?

Over at Bridge Farm there's some concern about "moany Tony" who's being ignored by his selfish family. Listeners think it's time Tom and Helen pulled their weight before he's found face down among the leeks.

And special mention this week goes to Christine's "enticing" scones!

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 19-25 January 2012

Adam's little chat with Radio Borsetshire on Thursday set tongues wagging... but perhaps he should tread carefully where Brian's concerned.

Wow Adam giving it to Brian VIA media with both barrels #frankencows #thearchers

(@Labourcat" on Twitter)

Ooooh, Adam! You TRAITOR! #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)

I was just thinking that Adam should watch his back. Sunny Corleone caused no end of trouble in The Godfather by publicly disagreeing with his father. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

It's not been a good week for "poor old Brian". Was he bribing Jill by offering to sponsor Britain in Bloom? Then there was the row with Pat... listeners are divided over who won the argument but has Brian spurred Pat into action against the dairy?

Brian so slimey in his visit to Jill, could have slid under the garden gate. Yuck! #thearchers (@ballet_allie on Twitter)

Brian won that argument hands-down, so at least he got bragging rights. (JoLean)

I quite like Pat and she's not prepared to stomp over anyone and anything that gets in the way of what she wants. (Polly Tunnel)

Ooh - Pat's found her backbone! It's amazing what you can achieve when you stop thinking about elusive grandsons #thearchers (@gingabeans on Twitter)

'niche farming' OUCH #thearchers #archers Brian, you should know better than that. Pat is putting her placards together right this minute. (@vencut2 on Twitter)

Take sides with Pat or Brian on the Poor old Brian thread on the message board.

On Wednesday night, Brian's charm offensive came unstuck as listeners sided with Jim

I was cheering for Jim tonight he was the epitome of dignity and intelligence. I found the rudeness of the people, especially Mike, who took Brian's beer then left him standing, unacceptable. (Dailyfix)

I thought Brian got exactly what he deserved for trying to buy off the peasants with a few mugs of ale. (returnmigration)

He's used to getting his own way, in so many things, and now he's realising people are standing up to him, who knows maybe even mocking his tasselled loafers behind his back. (ermintrude)

Give Jim a cheer on the message board thread: Go for it Jim

Whether Susan was being tactless or deliberately mean to Jennifer in the Village Shop, listeners loved the exchange...

Tactless, or what ..........but I loved it! I think Jenny is tough enough to ride it out somehow. (siriol)

Jenny should know if all the village are against the Mega-Dairy. Susan is doing her and Brian a favour. I think the chatter had a purpose - she deliberately paid Jenny back for all the snobbery J has displayed to *her*. (JustPresidentBunny_Socialist)

Delicious. Pure Susan (Shirley Knott)

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There's been plenty of chat about Tracy Horrobin. After her scene with Susan on Sunday many were reminiscing about the magazines of their youth. But some are wondering what Tracy is really after. It couldn't be Neil, could it?

I thought she and Susan were very good tonight. 'Your prince came and he's outside connecting the waste pipe' or thereabouts - I laughed out loud. (jennet_device)

Oddly enjoyable listening to Susan and Tracey reminiscing over Jackie and Bunty #thearchers(@archelina on Twitter)

Tracey is a right breath of fresh air me thinks; I'm really looking forward to her getting established and up the other Ambridgite's noses! Go Trace!!!!!! (Take me to the Am)

She's jealous of Susan's big house. Does she covet her husband as well? (Freda Fry)

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Over at Bridge Farm, listeners are wondering when the family are going to notice that Tony is struggling to cope.

I really sympathised with Tony in tonight's episode. Bridge Farm is above all just that, a farm, and farm work goes on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Tom is a lazy, arrogant, irritating little twonk! (DEL_girl)

Just as a matter of interest, does Helen ever do (or help with) the milking? (StargazerwithOscar)

Pat is so wrapped up with her children/gchildren that she hasn't noticed poor old Tony for years. (old cath)

Every time Tom lets Tony down with the milking he should change the will another percent in Rich's favour #thearchers (@HomeChemistry on Twitter)

Hope the badgers finish off Tom. Do they eat human flesh? #thearchers (@augusta1230 on Twitter)

Join the debate on the message board: Why can't Helen do the bluddy milking? and Moany Tony

Ahhh... Is love in the air for Jim and Christine?
@BBCTheArchers there goes Christine enticing Jim with her scones (@Sianllew123 on Twitter)

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