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"Awwww Kenton and Jolene!" - Listener discussions from 28 Feb to 2 Mar 2011

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Just as Kenton Archer was admitting his feelings for Jolene Perks, Twitter and the message board lit up with posts ranging from "At-a-boy, Kenton!" to "yuk yuk yuk". Fallon has been advised to "get your ear plugs ready". There have also been discussions about manipulative Helen Archer, feisty Lily Pargetter, dithering David Archer and "scarlet" Emma Grundy...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on Twitter and the message board between Monday 28 Feb and Wednesday 2 March...

"OMG!" Jolene and Kenton! Is she is too old for him? Will there soon be an Archer back at The Bull? How will Jamie and Fallon feel? And never mind what the rest of the village will think, what will Kathy Perks have to say?

Awwwwwwwwww Kenton and Jolene! Fluttery tummy :) #thearchers (@lolaandjeff on Twitter)

I am so happy!! It's so wonderful!! I'm clapping with joy and the dog thinks I have gone quite mad!! (Skyebird)

I think, now the shock is wearing off, I may be a small bit pleased. (Dusty Substances)

yuk yuk yuk bleurgh...kenton and jolene...please warn me in the future @BBCRadio4 #thearchers (@caracourage on Twitter)

Very predictable. But I now beg of the scripties; no shower scene. Please, no shower scene. I have only just finished the last of my counselling sessions after the previous one and now there are these pictures in my head again and they won't go away (Dr Toad Leg)

Let's not forget the HUGE bonus of this relationship - Kathy is going to be furious. Bring.It.On (Furious Scarlett)

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Is Helen Archer manipulating her parents? Many think she's playing the sympathy card. Or is Pat to blame for pussyfooting around her daughter?

Pat, you were the one who encouraged Helen to go ahead with this mad scheme to have a baby without a father... Her choice, you backed her. Are you totally lacking in the brain area? She needs to learn how to cope. If the sky above the village green is black with the wings of the chickens coming home to roost, who's to blame here? You are, Pat, you are. (JudithL)

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After David Archer was once again stuck at Lower Loxley, they're fuming on Ruth's behalf - some wish he'd hurry up get back to Brookfield to move the story along. Most felt that Jill's remark about Elizabeth's heart didn't help matters

I'm afraid I'd get a little more physical over this, ie: going round to LL, holding Lizzie upside down by her ankles and SHAKING some bluddy sense into her. I bet "it's what Nigel would have wanted...." (annieoakley)

If I were Ruth, there's no way I'd believe that David is ACTUALLY going to talk to Elizabeth after the last 5 or 6 promises. #thearchers (@marzillk on Twitter)

That's right Jill, pile it on? One minute you agree with David about the pressure the next your laying on with him about Lizard's heart. He'll never be free at this rate. OoooooNooooooo. (binocular)

It would almost serve Jill right if David ended up having a heart attack. (Auntie Molly)

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Folk on the message board have been discussing feisty Lily Pargetter - is she turning out to be "just like her mother"?

I really cannot stand Lily. There. Glad that's out in the open. (Fi of little faith)

Lily shows great promise as a character. I like her feisty refusal to be a charming, sweet, sickly, gurlie little gurl. Go for it 'em what you're made of. (Doodlysquat)

Tell us what you think in the I really cannot stand Lily thread on the message board.

Did Clarrie Grundy mean Emma when she talked about a "scarlet woman"? And if Clarrie continues to cold shoulder her son's girlfriend, will she soon forfeit seeing her grandchildren?

Loved that little 'dig' by Clarrie, and the dawning on Emma of what she was saying. I don't like Clarrie anyway these days - and haven't not since she took Ed's side against Will. She has quite a nasty streak. (Bette)

Why DOES Emma bother with her? (SredniVashtar07)

Do you think Emma is a Scarlet Woman?

There have been a couple of interesting discussions on the message board about farming, lambing and the planning of the new market

I am not a farmer but reading what others have said here who do know what they are talking about, it's a miracle that Ruth is still standing.. David needs shooting. It might not help the manning situation at Brookfield short term but at least the way would be clear for her to employ some proper workers on the farm. (pollyanna)

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Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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