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Ask Anthea



Anthea’s recent appearance prompted a number of questions to Ambridge’s very own agony aunt. She responds to a selection with her usual tough love (more tough than love, it’s fair to say).

Dear Anthea,

I used to go out with this guy but he dumped me and lived with my best friend for years and even asked her to marry him. But she dumped him a couple of weeks ago and left town. Now he says it was me he loved all along. Should I believe him?  


Dear Ecogirl,

Sounds like a classic case of ‘on the rebound’ to me. Proceed with great caution and under no circumstances move in with him.

Dear Anthea, 

I have just had a baby and my neighbour kindly gave me lots of her little girl's outgrown clothes. The problem is that the clothes are vile. How can I avoid hurting my friend's feelings without dressing my precious baby like a cross between Barbara Cartland and My Little Pony?


Dear Mother-of-three,

Why on earth did you accept the clothes if you knew they were not to your taste? In trying to avoid one awkward moment, you have now created lasting embarrassment. Honesty is the best policy. If your friend is a true one, then she will get over it.

Dear Anthea,

My Mum's got really snappy lately. She keeps taking me for long walks, then packs me off home when anyone mentions cows. She used to let me do anything I like but now she gets cross. Yesterday she used a terrible word she's never used before: 'no'. Still, at least she's not going off to that jewellery class that makes her look all funny and glow-ey. Grandma says she's just missing the cows but I think it's something more. 


Dear Confused,

Is your mother in a relationship? It sounds to me as if she needs the love of a good man. Is there a man who enjoys playing with you? Perhaps you could get them together.

Dear Anthea,

Should I stop my former partner’s wedding with a Vicar of Dibley 'it should have been me' moment? 


Dear Twice-dumped,

Absolutely not. Such behaviour would be outrageous. What do you think this is, a soap opera?

Anthea was giving dictation to Archers scriptwriter and web producer Keri Davies.

Our thanks to everyone who passed on questions, including Christine Wilson, Ian Berry, Rachel Fleming and Rona Skene.

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