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Twitter is teeming with Ambridge residents thanks to fans of The Archers

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Keeping up with events in Ambridge has never been so easy - podcasts, iPlayer, email synopses... and now Twitter. The social networking site is teeming with Ambridge residents tweeting their thoughts on events in Ambridge as well as chatting - and sometimes arguing - with each other.

  • Is Kenton chasing Sid's ex's or Jolene chasing Kathy's cast offs? #thearchers (@Nelsons_Ghost)
  • @NelsonsGhost Oi!! Unfair!! (@Kenton_Archer)


This virtual village has been created entirely by fans of the show, although any accusation about these not being the real Ambridge residents is met with howls of outrage. When @BBCRadio4 tweeted a link to a programme featuring Trevor Harrison (the actor who plays Eddie Grundy), Twitter's Eddie Grundy cried "Imposter!"

The Twitter characters provide a running commentary on events aired in the programme. You'll find Eddie Grundy, who will "tell you all about the goings on in Ambridge if you make it worth me while", as well as "pillar of the community" Lynda Snell; "executive property manager" and "leaflet maker" Brenda Tucker; "frazzled father" David Archer and "gin loving" Lilian Bellamy.

Harry Mason's "We Love The Bull" campaign popped up on Twitter as well as Facebook after it appeared in the show with Harry imploring people to help save the pub.

  • @Aunt_Pat_Archer feeling very sorry for Tony - I know what it's like to have a difficult & ungrateful daughter :( (@HomeFarmBrian)
  • Today - Coffee made: 10 cups (5 with gin) Coffee drunk: 2 cups (1 with gin, it's been a bad day!) (@brenda_tucker)

Not-so-silent silents

You can even hear from silent characters like the unborn (Helen's foetus "Get me out of here" whose Twitter icon is Edvard Munch's The Scream); "super-fit yummy mummy" Sabrina Thwaite and Bartleby, Joe Grundy's long-suffering pony.

  • Gave mum a right good kicking this afternoon, you can thank me when I'm out (@HelensFoetus)

The ghosts of Ambridge

There are conversations between dead characters like father and son, Walter and Nelson Gabriel as well as Sid Perks, Jack Woolley and Jack's dog, Captain. The Ambridge Mice are all-seeing Ambridge residents who are always on the lookout for food opportunities around the enclave - from Susan Carter's Christmas Eve soiree to the Bridge Farm Dairy, once trainee Vicky Tucker arrived.

  • #thearchers we are watching the dairy situation with interest with dumb & dumber in charge we see many free food opportunities mmm (@AmbridgeMice)
  • @Nelsons_Ghost Shula were a very different girl in them days - goin off overland ter Thailand an all that. (@WaltersGhost)

Ambridge's "cult status"

Eddie Grundy was the second character to appear on Twitter in November 2009. (The first was An Ambridge Sheep which has since stopped bleating!) He says he's seen as "a loveable rogue" and that "The Archers makes good Twitter as something happens most days." It has "cult status."

His first tweet was in keeping with the character we hear on air:

  • I've heard that you can make a bob or two out of this Twitter lark. (@Eddie_Grundy)
Over 3,000 tweets and 3,200 followers later, he's been joined by 35 other characters whose tweets help to fill the gaps between shows - plus they're around on Saturdays when The Archers isn't on air. It's a delightful additional layer to the programme created and manned entirely by listeners.

You can find and follow all the characters via this Twitter list.

There's a listener tweet-along every Sunday morning for The Archers Omnibus, plus special Anniversary tweet-alongs on the 2nd and 3rd of January from 7pm.

Search for #thearchers on Twitter to see the conversation, and don't forget to add #thearchers to your own tweets to join in.

Find out more about the anniversary tweet-along and how to join in.

Tayler Cresswell is the host of The Archers message board.

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