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"It will be ok Vicky" - listener discussions to 29 August 2012

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Listeners offered sympathy and words of hope for Vicky Tucker after her call about her amniocentesis test results. Whilst everyone thinks she'll want to go ahead with the pregnancy whatever happens, many doubt that Mike will.

"Nasty" Matt Crawford is thought to be beyond the pale in taking advantage of naïve Darrell, but listeners raised a huge cheer as Lilian returned to sort things out.

They weren't so happy to hear Kathy Perks persuading young Jamie to go back to college. Consensus is that he'll be wasting his time.

And on hearing David Archer's tormentors plead guilty, some admit to feeling cheated out of a court room drama.

Over in Ambridge Extra, Kenton's ears must be burning as listeners dissect his shady past. Should Jolene trust him? And what exactly is Lance up to?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 23-29 August 2012

There were hugs for Vicky on Wednesday night after her upsetting call about her test results. Whilst Sunday lunch at Roy and Hayley's was tense, many thought it made for great drama

I could feel the tension in my living room! Mike can just about cope with the thought of a baby if it is "perfect", but he will not want Vicky to continue with the pregnancy if the baby has Down's syndrome. (MoorlandMinx on the message board)

I think this is the best storyline at the moment by a long way--I hope it doesn't get too neatly wrapped up like too many others of late, although like others here I'm not at all sure how well a long-term story of a child with Down's would be handled. (Amy Bridge on the message board)

I'm finding the Mike/Vicky storyline in #thearchers one of the most touching, heart wrenching pieces of drama I've experienced. (@MrChrisDaykin on Twitter)

Awww. Hope Mike and Vicky realise soon that a baby is a baby, a child is a child - Downs Syndrome or not. #TheArchers (@AnnieBannister on Twitter)

Well #thearchers that was a sad little ending. Be watching closely how this story unfolds (@TheGrumpyBitch on Twitter)

It will be ok Vicky #thearchers (@Sarahurbanmum on Twitter)

Add your thoughts to the Roy, Hayley, Mike, Vicki together thread on the message board.

Naïve Darrell "needs his head examining" for getting in too deep with Matt. Will they both end up back in prison? Whilst some think this storyline is too gritty for The Archers, there was a delighted cheer on Sunday night as Lilian - at long last - came to the Walters' rescue

#thearchers Good old Lillian! CheckMate Matt!!! (@BuddyGB on Twitter)

I usually like Matt, but sometimes forget he has the scruples of a slug. #thearchers (@willemharvey on Twitter)

Matt needs locking up: he exploits the weakness of all about him: Darrell, the Walters and especially Lilian. I wish he'd meet a really serious criminal (or the SFO). (snarklehound on the message board)

If Darryl and Brenda get into trouble because of Matt, they've only got themselves to blame, if you lie down with dogs then you'll get up with fleas! (Angela Stepney on the message board)

Oh, just take the milkround job, Daryl. At least you won't spend Christmas on B-wing playing ping-pong with Matt. #thearchers (@jtwentyman on Twitter)

Darryl's admission to Lil is the perfect prelude to a major bust-up between Tigga and Puss Puss - and isn't Amside funded by the Widow Bellamy? Couldn't she threaten to pull the financial rug from under former lag Matt? (BanquetBangersBaroness on the message board)

Matt, don't forget to bring back the balls from your golfing weekend, when Lillian's finished with you, you may need them #thearchers (@salvatorRosa on Twitter)

Join the conversation on the message board threads: Matt - the pits and Why did Darrell tell Lilian?

If it was up to listeners, Jamie Perks would leave college pronto as he's clearly not the academic type. Perhaps he could take on Harry's old job? Kathy's relationship with her son has been found wanting but listeners are divided on who's to blame

yeah Jamie you're so mature and rational, you're definitely convincing us that you can judge your own best interests #thearchers (@conelraduk on Twitter)

#thearchers Cathy just shut up! Anyone would go to college to get away from you droning on! (@MoiTrez on Twitter)

Jamie is exactly the sort of person who should be "put off" by the prospect of a student debt because university plainly isn't for him. (SredniVashtar07 on the message board)

Just because he has an 'academic' mother does not mean she has brought him up to know the value of hard work and keenness, punctuality and an ability to get on with people. Kathy's mothering skills... have been seriously lacking during his adolescence and where he is at now. To offer an apprenticeship because he's not fit for university rather appears to be the plan. A rude awakening might be in the offing. (libranmeg on the message board)

She shouldn't put up with the way he speaks to her, but do I see where he's coming from. There was one nice moment way back when they were looking out of the window laughing and Joe and Eddie's antics and I thought how rare that was. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger on the message board)

#thearchers but wait, if sullen Jamie goes back to college, who will be Mike's new milkman? (@BeingDoris on Twitter)

Who's to blame? Add your thoughts on the message board

And as news spread about Keith Horrobin and his cohorts pleading guilty, listeners wonder if this is the abrupt end of the Farmageddon story?

#thearchers intimidation plot crashes to the ground as the crooks unsportingly plead guilty..... :-) (@potterwigham on Twitter)

Over in AmbridgeExtra, as "the voyage of the damned" continues, Kenton's shady past is scrutinised. Should Jolene trust him after Mel's revelation about her abortion? And what's up with Lance?

Poor Jolene! Lucy's bitter, Kenton's selfish & Lance, using her as a pawn. Click your heels 3x and go home. #thearchers #ambridgeXtra (@ukdannim on Twitter)

Dump them all, Jolene, and go and have a proper holiday somewhere. (toffee on the message board)

How could Jolene possibly be confident that Kenton is in it for the long haul, whatever he might say. She knows that he walked out on two previous relationships. If she doesn't already know him pretty well for what he is (and isn't) then she's a fool. (PhylisDoris on the message board)

#AmbridgeExtra it seems more and more likely that Kenton may be moving back in with Lizzy on his return from NZ #thearchers. (@iluvthearchers on Twitter)

What is lances secret? What was he doing in that cabin on his own? I couldn't work it out *puzzled face* (@CageyManchester on Twitter)

Is Lance a cross dresser? Or just still in love with Mereil's mum? Couldn't quite make out what Mereil stumbled over (Rosemary Forrest on Facebook)

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Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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