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"Will someone PLEASE find Jennifer Archer SOMETHING TO DO" - Listener discussions to 11 April 2012

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Steamy scenes in The Archers? It put omnibus listeners off their Easter eggs! But will interfering Jennifer drive Alice away?

Some think back-to-work Tony will be "dead within the week". There's a small hurrah for Ed as he says no to Pat's plans to use him in her anti-dairy campaign. And pantomime boos go to James and Leonie as their helicopter lands safely.

Plus women's cricket in Ambridge gets the thumbs up...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 5-11 April 2012.

There was a sharp intake of breath as Alice and Chris enjoyed a romantic moment at the forge. Jenny's intervention was both cheered and lambasted. Should Alice change the locks?

So outraged at the prewatershed antics in #thearchers I am going to listen again now. (@SmithPeterScott on Twitter)

I was half expecting a 'Sid & Jolene' moment in the forge.... Lawks adaisy! (Emm Gee on Facebook)

Will someone PLEASE find Jennifer Archer SOMETHING TO DO. (@vencut2 on Twitter)

Could she not do some voluntary work? Hospital visiting? It's about time she gave back something to society. Something other than venison casseroles, that is! (The devil wears Burberry)

If Ambridge children will insist on living a mere casserole carrying distance from their parents they have only themselves to blame. Why can't some of them leave the enclave, get proper jobs and lead independent lives? (lsd25)

Carry on Jennifer, at this rate you'll have a daughter in yet another continent. #thearchers #alicetosouthamerica (@singhdasa on Twitter)

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With Tony offering to do the milking again at Bridge Farm, will he be "dead within the week"? Surely Tom should be able to cope - he's half Tony's age. Despite Tom's hard work on the farm, he isn't winning over listeners...

Well, look-ee here, scriptwriters. I don't care if you make Tom rescue all the residents of the Laurels from a fire, save Ruairi from drowning, invent a cure for cancer or cause Leonie and James' helicopter to crash into Lakey Hill, I'll still hate the vile self-regarding jumped-up bumptious little twonk. (Tadpole)

Pat is so blind she can't see what's happening. And that is that Tom is effectively stealing Tony's business from under his feet. Tom likes being in control and he's not going to let Tony take charge again of the business that Tony built up over 35 years. He's a hateful selfish greedy little squirt. (old cath)

Just been watching #gameofthrones, and while awesome, it's nowhere near as Machiavellian as Tom's dynastic palaver on #thearchers. (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

Grr. I hope the whole lot of them get caught in an avalanche of chili peppers and carrots and die in a slow and agonizing way. Except for Tony, who can cash in the life insurance and retire somewhere warm and sunny and meet a cheerful woman to brighten his latter years. (charmingAnnielynn)

Okay, I know I'm taking my life in my hands here but.... We heard Pat say that she is in the dairy "most of the time" yesterday. Prior to that, she and Tony talked about how Helen had Ambridge Organics and Henry to look after. So doesn't that mean that Tom is doing everything else? ie his and Tony's jobs? The guy is working flat out and surely part of the solution is that Helen pays for childcare and then starts actually doing some work? (Mieteka)

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Ed's refusal to get involved in Pat's anti dairy campaign has earned him some praise from listeners. But is his thinking still too focused on the short term?

Yay! Well done Ed! That lad's got his head screwed on, refusing to get dragged into Pat's crusade against Cowditz. Would have been a real own goal if he had. (The Famous Eccles)

Dear Lord, Pat. How long till you start the Ambridge Civil War? #thearchers (@Wimblebear on Twitter)

It's Pat I want give a good slap. Interfering old baggage. (Sally Stamford on Facebook)

Ah but he won't need to extend the tenancy on the BL land when the mega dairy has put his toy herd out of business will he. Ed's thinking short term gain and missing the long term pain. (Polly Tunnel)

He unlikely to survive anyway due to commercial pressure and even if he did there would be very little growth to give his growing family a decent secure income. His type of dairy is a plaything for wealthy independent income folk like Oliver.. I think he sees his future as manager of the mega dairy. (Lee Shore)

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As James and Leonie's helicopter landed safely (to much disappointment), thoughts turned to their troubled relationship. Is it doomed? Will Lilian and Lynda come to blows? Some foresee more pain for listeners if one of them heads back to Ambridge to lick their wounds...

Land here James, yes here, under the power cables. #thearchers (@Airscaper on Twitter)

#thearchers Hmm. A disappointing absence of plummeting there. (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)

oh gin and egg shells blimey poor lill #thearchers (@satnav2012 on Twitter)

And Matt doesn't much care for James either, I daresay that if they split up sides will be taken! (Angela Stepney)

Taking sides? Bit like choosing between having a root canal or whacking a hammer onto your thumb? Even their parents can see what objectionable, rude & spoilt brats they plainly are. Currently struggling to see why they are here at all ...... (aquaticDougal)

Horrible charcaters with horrible children - couldn't we have a Mexican stand off where everyone dies ? Asking too much I know....... (SredniVashtar07)

Add your thoughts to the I suppose we'll have a spat thread.

And as Jamie puts women's cricket on the agenda in Ambridge, listeners reminisce...

Women cricketers in Ambridge? Hurrah! @ArchersAddicts @BBCTheArchers (@TheTeasLady on Twitter)

Women have played cricket in Ambridge many times before. Pretty sure Clarrie did in her yoof. (careen)

And Polly Perks captained the Ambridge Women's Cricket Team. (Dinah Shore)

My mum played cricket at her girls grammar school back in the 30s. It was considered quite normal. By the time I started (at a rival grammar school) cricket had gone, only the boys next door played, we had to content ourselves with tennis. (JennyDarling Pedant of this Parish)

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Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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