January Jones

Mike Tucker
Brenda will be there to hold his hand

Elizabeth Pargetter
Passport to... Lower Loxley

Usha Franks
A tenant at Blossom Hill Cottage

January Blues

Tom Archer
Back in that milking parlour, lad

Lilian Bellamy
Finding affair logistics difficult

Ed Grundy
Good case, bad timing...

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Keri Davies is an Archers scriptwriter and web producer.


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by DracoM1

    on 17 Jan 2013 12:51

    REe Vicky / Mike and new baby.

    Well, no doubt the TA team are glowing, but a very significant number of the messageboard faithfuls are not.

    If you as ruthlessly and serially anaesthetise and castrate your script potential as systematically as VW has clearly instructed her writers to do over this new birth, in the end all you have is a cast of eunuch characters, incapable of generating story material, or having any kind of individuality, you leech out tension, drama, conflict beyond whether to have lunch in The Bull or 'grab a sandwich'.

    This is the second big-issue problematic birth in three years and on both occasions, the TA team have been spectacularly instructed to cop out of writing any kind of realism at all and thus giving spice and depth and credibility and thus real profile to their material / issue. Yet again, an Editorial decision that deprives TA of nothing more than the merest PR. Brenda's complex reactions, her articulated fears to ANYONE for the future of what will happen to Vicky / baby when Mike snuffs it, her sense that she could well be left literally as permanent baby-sitter, Vicky's stooge - did we hear any of that? Or is it even so much as hinted that there is developable tension, drama potential here to make this whole DS baby issue have real profile and catch public attention? Is there heck.

    Look out for the slots in WH. You just feel in your bones that somewhere along the line, the nasty symbiosis we saw over TC/YMB is going to happen again to discredit both programmes.

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