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"Hands up who thought Tony had had his chips?" - listener discussions to 14 March 2011

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Emma "glass almost empty" Grundy, anticipation over Brookfield's visit from the consultant (would Sam return?) and "lecherous" Jim were all hot topics this week.

Listeners held their breath wondering if Tony's number was up - but perhaps they've been focusing on the wrong person? Brian's stress levels are causing concern but there's more worry about Jennifer and her lentil recipes!

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 7-14 March 2012.

Reaching for the 'on' switch. Leaving for Borsetshire #TheArchers (@John_Raferty on Twitter)

Apologies to my non-#thearchers followers (freaks! what's wrong with you?) - it's almost 19:02. (@gingabeans on Twitter)

Whining Emma Grundy is "no better than she should be"...

"It's Casa Nueva. I don't care what it says on the gate." Oooo what a mean minded person she is. Petty and vindictive. Love it! (Redbookish)

Oh do shut up Emma! That's right, the world doesn't revolve around you. #thearchers (@MsAlliance on Twitter)

Emma really cheers me up the more miserable she gets. She's actually a 'glass almost empty' person. (Freda Fry)

Go to University Emma, run away to sea Emma, do SOMETHING Emma. But for God's Sake, stop moaning about having what you apparently wanted (returnmigration)

Join the conversation on the message board: OOOOO love it when Emmmur ... )

Is the Brookfield dairy saved? The consultant's visit was hotly anticipated - and there was some surprise that Lisa, a "slip of a girl", turned up when many were hoping for the return of Sam the cowman. David was lambasted for his "sexist and ageist" attitude to her and to Ruth - but is there more to come from Lisa...?

Who's cheering for Ruth? #thearchers #GoRuth #Brookfieldcows (@quilterin24 on Twitter)

SO sexist! "I think what Ruth's trying to say is...". How DARE he reinterpret her as though she's some kind of idiot! (StargazerwithOscar)

Not Sam then. But it turns out she is a woman and Dopey [David] already sounds smitten. (Dr Toad Leg)

Hang on, in Ruth's new system won't the calves be locked in the barn all winter #organicfrankencows #thearchers (@SmithPeterScott on Twitter)

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"Patronising" Alan, "lecherous" Jim, an upset Vicky and Mike coming over all masterful "at last!" - we've had some inventive conversation about Alan's Lent challenges (inspired by Jim's compliments' notebook), but is it time for The Archers to give up Lent?

I was fuming when Alan took it on himself to tell the Prof off for 'teasing' Susan and Clarrie ... As if the poor little girlies needed the protection of a man like him. Sorry - words are failing me here, I'm that angry. (The equally pointless susierratic)

Quite why Ambridge folk fall in with Vicarpoops' various suggestions - they seem to have even less free will than that other village lot in 'The Prisoner'... (GreenBrownBear)

Jim's compliment book, goes missing, ends up in Susan's hands, who implodes from gossip overload #thearchers (@debbie_cooper on Twitter)

"Alan, how marvellous you are at helping out in the parish, without seeming at all interfering or patronising." (waslantana)

"Oh Lizzy I love that cracked, crazy paving effect you have outside the house." (BlueLagoon)

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Friday's episode had listeners on tenterhooks. As Pat, Tom and Helen left for the Ambridge Organics' launch, Tony was left at home with his dicky ticker...

The script writers are such teasers hands up who thought Tony had had his chips? #thearchers (@roifield on Twitter)

Nerves shot listening to #TheArchers. Didn't know if Tony would make it!! (@louiseholohan on Twitter)

I am ashamed to say I had hoped Tony would do a Betty or a Phil if only to bring the smug ones down to earth with a bang. 'Dad's so selfish!! After our wonderful day!!' (evilauntie)

I was sure he'd be a goner by the end of the epi. Good old Tony lives to be door matted another day. (old cath)

"Hullo? Is that Borchester General? This is Tarm Archer, Sossidge Baron, and Purveyor of All Your Pork Needs, from Redi-Meals to Styr-Froi Pork Pieces and Burt Froi Pork Poems, Pork Oice Cream (with the ClarriE.Coli-luv speshul ingredient)! I'd like to speak with someone about Our Dad (Moaney), who we recently brought in for a regular service, and oil and filter change... What's wrong? Oi'll *tell* you what's wrong, moi good man! "Ees stopped working! *That's* what's wrong! .. Thank you for yer bisinez, an' we 'veels you're shure to be 'appy wiv your purchase of Tarm Archer Pork Products!" (Sturmey Archer)

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With Brian getting wound up by protestors at the market and Jenny feeding him emergency lentils in an attempt to save his health, speculation about who will be the first to occupy the Green Burial Ground has shifted to Brian

More negative press coverage. Poor Brian, he just can't win. Genuinely sympathise with the dairy maniac #thearchers (@entersoundman on Twitter)

Brian's on form tonight! ... "better than listening to Helen wittering on about Henry's nappies" and "taking a nap" when asked why he was under a tractor! He may be a philanderer but he's so great!! Sigh .... (jillscasseroles)

Pah. Brine endured - nay, sounded as if he positively enjoyed - being patronised by the Straw [Helen] over the veggie boxes last week (don't tell me you missed her teaching him how to tie up his asparagus into fetching bundles). Cous-cous baguettes cannot be far behind. (MsMumbo-Jumbo)

I genuinely laughed a genuine laugh of genuine laughter at his carry on. *sigh* Why has he never eyes for me .... Brian's a REAL man ... he needs REAL food!!!! (bruxilda)

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