Discover what Brian got up to on holiday while Jennifer's back was turned.

For this short audio treat, we've hacked into Brian's confidential emails to a trusted friend. His roving eye is still active, and the sultry, tropical atmosphere of the Maldives is rich with feminine objects of admiration.

After a lifetime of philandering, has Brian learned his lesson? Or will the lure of suntanned flesh be too much?

If the player doesn't appear in this window, you can listen to the piece here.

The piece is written by Archers scriptwriter Joanna Toye, and performed by Charles Collingwood (Brian). The editor is Vanessa Whitburn.

I directed the recording, which was great fun for me - and I think for Charles too. It's been eight years since I vacated my producer's chair for this rewarding double job, writing Archers scripts and providing content for the website. But the part I've always missed from my previous role was directing episodes in studio. So it was lovely to be working closely with an actor again, and creating a piece of audio.

I hope you enjoy it. Would you like to hear more extra snippets like this in the future?

Keri Davies is an Archers (and Ambridge Extra) scriptwriter and web producer.


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